health and wellbeing for truck drivers

Health and Wellbeing for Truck Drivers

The Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) is delivering ‘Driving Better Health’, an initiative to support health and wellbeing for truck drivers across Australia. The project funding was announced in August by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack and Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport Scott Buchholz. Read more

Driving Heart Health Project

Driving Heart Health Project

The Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) has been allocated heavy vehicle safety funding for the Driving Heart Health Project to improve the health and wellbeing of Australian truck drivers. Read more

Safety Initiative funding announced

Safety Initiative Funding Announced

Round Five of the Australian Government’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative funding announced this week will provide 26 projects, aimed at saving lives and reducing road trauma, with a share of the latest $5.9 million to be pledged to the initiative. Read more

lack of sufficient rest areas on our highways

Lack of Sufficient Rest Areas on Our Highways

Gary Mahon, Queensland Trucking Association CEO, sparked off a round of applause at the NatRoad Conference, when he was talking about the lack of sufficient rest areas on our highways and suggesting a solution which might help drivers who cannot find a decent place to rest.  Read more

Australia’s first regional toll road opens

Australia’s First Regional Toll Road Opens

There was some relief for Queensland trucking operators, when the announcement about when Australia’s first regional toll road opens was made by the Queensland Government. The statement about the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC) also announced the level of tolls which will be charged to trucks using the new road. Read more

Talking Turkey, Talking Footy

The CEO of the Queensland Trucking Association, Gary Mahon, was talking turkey, talking footy when he decided to draw out a long analogy between playing football and the road ahead for the trucking industry in a recent speech.

“The purpose of football is fairly straightforward,” said Mahon. “It’s to get a bag full of air and put it over a line. It’s amazing how many people can make that as complicated as you could possibly think, but the reality is, that is the purpose. Read more

Training Initiative in Queensland on Tour

A training initiative in Queensland, VET 4 T&L, is holding a series of information events all across the state over the next three months. The initiative has been set up through the Queensland Trucking Association as part of the VET Industry Engagement Program and is funded by the Queensland Department of Education and Training.

Its remit is to support ongoing reform and operations of the vocational education and training system in the state by providing services based on the establishment and maintenance of industry networks. These provide two-way connectivity between the vocational education and training (VET) system and the transport and logistics industry, including Road, Rail, Logistics, Maritime & Aviation. The Queensland Government recently increased spending in the vocational training area by $56 million, taking it well over $800 million per annum. Read more

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