Linfox, Load Restraint, Single-Axle A-Doubles and Scania Releases

This week Diesel News is talking about Linfox, Single Axle A-doubles and Scania Releases.

Linfox has said it is investing in the future of its customers and the Northern Territory with the construction of the Linfox Darwin Intermodal Facility. Situated next to the Darwin railhead, the 3,000m2 purpose-built facility will create up to 15 ongoing local jobs. Read more

Take on the Status Quo

There seems to be a shortage of those willing to take on the status quo within the system and take it forward, reckons long-time campaigner, David Coonan. His time at the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) saw him battling the legislators and bureaucrats, toe to toe, on a daily basis. Read more

SA Government holding back PBS

Operators are always looking to improve productivity due to tighter margins, but the SA Government holding back PBS is causing a number of issues. One of the strong contenders to improve productivity is the Performance Based Standards scheme. Innovative combinations have been designed to up the payload potential of a Mount Gambier timber haulage fleet, like Tabeel Trading’s, significantly. Read more

Top Performance Trucks on Demo

Bundaberg recently got to see top performance trucks on demo, courtesy of a group of local councils in Queensland. The event saw the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator bring together a selection of the latest innovative truck and trailer designs to enhance productivity and safety using Performance Based standards. Read more

There are Always More Road Blocks

For the trucking industry there are always more road blocks appearing to stymie the ongoing drive for improved productivity and safety. Every time we think we are making some real progress another problem pops up and appears almost insuperable. No wonder many in the trucking industry are constantly feeling under pressure and frustrated.

The latest example which I have come across is the use of PBS vehicles to haul timber in the bottom right hand corner of South Australia. Just as we thought we were getting to the point where access issues were being addressed, more issues are created to hold back development. Read more

Call For Tougher PBS Rules

The Heavy Vehicle Industry Association is calling for a higher level of safety measures to be introduced as standard across all new Performance Based Standards (PBS) approvals. The announcement was made after a recent HVIA Manufacturers’ Council approved a draft policy to be submitted by the association. Read more

Talking Turkey About Trucking

Culture Change

Sitting beside the Warrego Highway in Queensland, out on the Darling Downs, can give you a picture of the progress in productivity possible from reform. These roads have been gazetted as Type 1 Road Train routes for many years. However, in the past, with a double road train option available, many of the trucks heading west would be semis and B-doubles.

The practicality of hauling trailers up and down the Toowoomba Range and assembling and disassembling combinations in inadequate parking bays, meant only large loads travelling a very long distance bothered to go to the trouble. Read more

Bring on the Quads

Trucking operators could achieve higher operating masses without the paperwork and expense of PBS. A new proposal by the National Transport Commission takes a pragmatic problem solving approach to getting higher productivity trucks on the road.

The announcement suggests operators could increase the payload of certain heavy vehicle combinations by up to 16 per cent on some routes by allowing quad axle groups in place of current triaxles. Read more

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