Bob can begin looking back

Bob Can Begin Looking Back

Bob Woodward has retired after a long career in the trucking industry, including long associations with The Australian Trucking Association and Ron Finemore Transport, and now Bob can begin looking back at the development of the trucking industry. 
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the slow road to common sense

Will PBS be Easier to Utilise?

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) says it will be introducing changes to the Performance Based Standards (PBS) scheme Vehicle Approval (VA) document to reduce issues around getting vehicle approval, but will PBS be easier to utilise?
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immediate access to relevant PBS networks

Immediate Access to Relevant PBS Networks

A new notice released by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is expected to provide eligible Tier 1 Performance Based Standards (PBS) vehicles with immediate access to relevant PBS networks across Australia to operate on approved networks without the need of a permit as soon as a Vehicle Approval is issued, although this may be at a restricted mass.
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immediate review of PBS

Immediate Review of PBS

An immediate review of PBS standards is to take place and there is one to be carried out every seven years by the NHVR. All of the new technologies which have appeared since the scheme began ten years ago are to be considered. There is also a call to look at the ongoing tyre issues for PBS operators.  Read More
access legislation does not need reform

Detailed Changes to be Made

When looking at the Performance Based Standards scheme it is clear there are detailed changes to be made. Amendments to the scheme are needed just in terms of the time which has elapsed since the initial structure was laid out. Technical changes like the widespread adoption of stability systems along with EBS across many more trucks means some of the stability parameters called for in the standards can be met electronically and not physically by the design of the truck. Read More
PBS vehicles are more productive

PBS Vehicles are More Productive

It is a no brainer to say PBS vehicles are more productive than comparable conventionally designed vehicles, this is one of those facts which seems to get lost in the other arguments around the whole scheme. Overall, 7,000 vehicles have been approved. Read More
moving PBS forward

Moving PBS Forward

The concept of Performance Based Standards was always regarded as a great idea, since it came into existence it has failed to live up to the grand expectations many in the industry had for it and it has been hard moving PBS forward. Diesel News looks at the latest review of the scheme. Read More
has PBS delivered on its promise?

We Started Off With a Fantastic Idea

With Performance Based Standards we started off with a fantastic idea. We Australians are very good at great ideas. Then came the part where drilling down to the details created the basic tenets of the scheme and how it would work.  Read More
PBS Access Schmozzle

PBS Access Schmozzle

This week’s Global Heavy Vehicle Leaders summit threw up a great illustration of the PBS access schmozzle and its implications for both trucking operators and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.  In a conference situation a trucking operator, Paul Cootes, who is frustrated with the road blocks to getting a final sign off from local road managers to allow access for PBS tippers, took the opportunity to get stuck into Sal Petroccitto, NHVR CEO, about the slowness of the access decision-making.
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