call for a national operator standard

Call for a National Operator Standard

In its submission to the National Transport Commission, the Australian Logistics Council is asking for an amendment to the structure of the Heavy Vehicle National Law, with a call for a national operator standard. Read more

EWDs are like buses

An EWD Finally Gets Up

Truck drivers in Australia will finally be able to replace their paper work diary with an electronic work diary, as an EWD finally gets up through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s certification system. Read more

truck driver competency for the future

Truck Driver Competency for the Future

Improvements in heavy vehicle driver training and licensing systems across Australia, plus nationally improved young truck driver competency for the future is in prospect after an announcement by Austroads this week. A consortium has been appointed to deliver the final stage of the National Heavy Vehicle Driver Competency Framework review and revision. Read more

extended law reform consultation

Extended Law Reform Consultation

This week has seen the announcement that there will be an extended law reform consultation period for the trucking industry, as the closing date for submissions to the Heavy Vehicle National Law review consultation regulation impact statement (RIS) has been extended until November 20 2020 Read more

getting animal welfare right

Getting Animal Welfare Right

Many initiatives in the last few years have been aimed at getting animal welfare right for the livestock transport industry. Diesel visits a groundbreaking training course which is getting the message out to people working in the livestock business. Read more

the current law is inadequate to cope

The Current Law is Inadequate to Cope

If there is one thing all of the stakeholders around the development of the all-new Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) can agree on, it is that the current law is inadequate to cope with the kind of regulation needed to take the trucking industry into the future, as technology and changing demands recalibrate the way the industry sector will function.

Read more

analysing incident figures

Analysing Incident Figures

The National Truck Accident Research Centre (NTARC) report uses the data gathered by National Transport Insurance (NTI), analysing incident figures on all major accidents that go through its system. A major accident is defined as one costing over $50,000, and NTI recorded 848 of these in 2019, a large enough sample to get a real picture of what is going on out there on our roads. Read more

heavy vehicle law reform; have we missed the mark?

Heavy Vehicle Law Reform, Have We Missed the Mark?

Earlier this year the National Transport Commission (NTC) released the long-awaited consultation regulatory impact statement (RIS) on heavy vehicle law reform, have we missed the mark? Looking at the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), has it hit to mark? Can we expect real change? Asks Mathew Munro, Executive Director Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association. Read more