AdBlue insecurity continues to grow

AdBlue Insecurity Continues to Grow

There are growing fears of disruption for the trucking industry with both government and industry representatives getting involved, as AdBlue insecurity continues to grow. NatRoad is continuing to engage with the Federal Government about the ongoing AdBlue shortage.

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celebrating Aussie trucking’s COVID efforts

Celebrating Aussie Trucking’s COVID Efforts

The transport industry has done an amazing job over the last 18 months, a true credit to everyone in this industry, writes David Smith, Australian Trucking Association Chair, in celebrating Aussie trucking’s COVID efforts. Read more

the Christmas ham is under threat

The Christmas Ham is Under Threat

After a horror 2020, throughout which our truck drivers have been widely lauded as Australian heroes, who would have thought that in late 2021 state governments would be threatening to take away their livelihoods, crikey, even the Christmas ham is under threat? This is the question being asked by the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association. Read more

a simple message well said

A Simple Message Well Said

There is nothing more effective when trying to get a complicated idea across than a simple message well said and that is what this set of videos from Healthy Heads in Trucks and Sheds (HHTS)gets across. Read more

trucking surviving covid-19

Trucking Surviving Covid-19

The last twenty-plus months have been a nightmare for the entire globe, but our industry has been one of those essential services which has kept Australia going through the pandemic, now we need to think about trucking surviving covid-19. Read more

truck driver shortage really bites.

Truck Driver Shortage Really Bites

If you think we are having trouble getting drivers in Australia, a story from the USA this week shows the sort of thing that can happen when the truck driver shortage really bites.  Read more

responsible use of data for good

Responsible Use of Data for Good

NatRoad has come out this week upholding the importance of the responsible use of data for good, to benefit the transport industry as a whole. The other side of the the coin is to ensure the anonymity of the data used by government agencies in its planning and regulatory activities. Read more

living with an EWD

Living With An EWD

Since the long awaited certification of electronic work diaries, those involved in using them instead of the paper work diary have been on a steep learning curve in living with an EWD, entering the new electronic fatigue management world. Read more

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