consignor prosecuted under CoR regulations

Consignor Prosecuted Under CoR Regulations

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has announced that there will be a consignor prosecuted under CoR regulations. The NHVR charged a Victorian company with serious safety offences after a truck toppled onto a pedestrian island crossing. Read more

Yarn in the Yard

Yarn in the Yard

An initiative by Frasers Livestock Transport shows the trucking industry in rural areas taking responsibility for the health and wellbeing of its team, so PowerTorque went along to the ‘Yarn in the Yard’ to say see how the initiative is bringing a broader understanding of the issues into Queensland’s rural areas. Read more

skilling up in livestock transport

Skilling Up in Livestock Transport

Livestock businesses operating in the Maranoa region will have the opportunity to help employees in skilling up in livestock transport and develop their cattle handling and transport skills over two free workshops with well-known cattle expert Tom Shephard. Read more

Ingenuity, Innovation and IWD

Here is a video which celebrated ingenuity, innovation and IWD (international Women’s Day) which is this week. In the video, a selection of technologies vital to life on the road for truck drivers are shown to have been invented by women. Read more

Australia's serious food loss and waste

Australia’s Serious Food Loss and Waste

The Australian food transport industry is expected to do its share of the hard lifting as the government steps up its attack on Australia’s serious food loss and waste, which has reached 7.3 million tonnes of food every year. Thermal performance of transport is the beginning of cold chain compliance. Read more

finding our industry’s future leaders

Finding Our Industry’s Future Leaders

Like many Australian industries, the trucking industry is facing disruption and innovation as modern technologies change the way it does business and goes about finding our industry’s future leaders.  Read more

fuel tax credits the easy way

Smaller Operators Can Now Save Time and Money

According to an announcement by the Australian Tax Office, smaller operators can now save time and money and calculate fuel tax credits the easy way. The ATO has released a simpler way to calculate fuel tax credits for diesel used in heavy vehicles.

Read more

effective and credible

Effective and Credible

If there is one thing the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator needs to be, and that’s effective and credible. Actually, that’s two things, but the two go together, and you can’t have one thing without the other. Read more

safer roads, rest areas and bridges

Safer Roads, Rest Areas and Bridges

The Australian Trucking Association has called on the Australian Government to improve road safety and boost industry productivity by investing in safer roads, rest areas and bridges.  Read more

looking at health issues in the trucking industry

Looking At Health Issues in the Trucking Industry

Two initiatives, one from the OzHelp Foundation (OzHelp) and another from Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds (HHTS) Foundation are increasing the emphasis on wellbeing in trucking by looking at health issues in the trucking industry. Read more