looking for clarity over access

Looking for Clarity Over Access

Talk to operators trying to run higher productivity vehicles just about anywhere in Australia and you will be told that they are looking for clarity over access and are unsure what can and cannot be done.
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searching for AdBlue?

Searching for AdBlue?

How do you make sure you will be able to fill up when you are searching for AdBlue? NatRoad have done some of the hard yards with a national guide to sites where it should be available. Read more

Can we expect real change?

Can we expect real change?

Back in mid-2020, this Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association column explored progress of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) review and asked the questions “Has it hit the mark?” and “Can we expect real change?”. Now, in 2022, we reflect on that analysis and instead ask “Where did it all go wrong?” Read more

teaching grandma to suck eggs

Teaching Grandma to Suck Eggs

For some of the older and more experienced members of the trucking community, like myself, these videos may be seen as a bit like teaching grandma to suck eggs, but there is a drastic lack of knowledge out there. Read more

effort to limit this country's horrendous food wastage

Effort to Limit This Country’s Horrendous Food Wastage

Up until a few of months ago, many organisations involved in moving chilled food from farm or manufacturing facility to consumers were happy in their isolation, giving lip service to calls for greater effort to limit this country’s horrendous food wastage by applying quality management systems to their whole process writes Mark Mitchell, Chairman of the Australian Food Cold Chain Council (AFCCC). Read more

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