The Australian Trucking Association has welcomed Michael Deegan as the new ATA CEO. He replaces Andrew McKellar, who was appointed earlier this year and resigned in July. Long term ATA stalwart Bill McKinley has been functioning as Acting CEO in the interim. Read more

transport industry report published

Transport Industry Report Published

After a nationwide set of discussions the transport industry report published by the Rural Regional Affairs & Transport References Committee tabled its final report from the committee’s inquiry into the importance of a viable, safe, sustainable and efficient road transport industry.  Read more

maybe the fast food industry should be delivering the Covid vaccine

Fast Food Industry Should be Delivering the Covid Vaccine

Mark Mitchell, Chairman of the Australian Food Cold Chain Council (AFCCC) is asking a simple question, maybe the fast food industry should be delivering the Covid vaccine? Those looking at distributing the Covid-19 vaccine should get some tips from our cold chain professionals.

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fallout from the RSRT

Fallout From the RSRT

With an inquiry running in the Senate, the fallout from the RSRT continues, according to the Australian Livestock and Rural Transport Association. In late April 2021, the ALRTA appeared before the Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport inquiring into the Importance of a Viable, Safe, Sustainable and Efficient Road Transport Industry.  Read more

it’s a whole of life, whole of person problem

It’s a Whole of Life, Whole of Person Problem

Fatigue is more than just tiredness, it’s a severe problem, it’s a whole of life, whole of person problem. Fatigue is the leading cause of truck driver deaths in road crashes, with 35 per cent of truck driver deaths in 2019 resulting from fatigue crashes (NTARC 2020).

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Australia’s hydrogen industry

An Introduction to Hydrogen

The Australian Hydrogen Council has provided PowerTorque with an introduction to hydrogen to clear up some of the misconceptions going around. Read more

better focus on road safety needed

NatRoad Remodels its Relationship with PowerTorque

“NatRoad is working hard to provide the industry with a voice, and we invite feedback from PowerTorque readers on the issues they are facing,” said Warren Clark, NatRoad CEO, as NatRoad remodels its relationship with PowerTorque. Read more