how many elephants are there in the room?

How Many Elephants Are There in the Room?

Attending the Livestock, Bulk and Rural Carriers Association Conference recently a microcosm of the issues which plague the trucking industry played out on the conference floor, begging the question, how many elephants are there in the room? Read more

servicing all types of rural transport tasks

Servicing All Types of Rural Transport Tasks

Like all of Australian Livestock and Rural Transporter Association’s elected Councillors, ALRTA National President, Scott McDonald, runs his own freight business, servicing all types of rural transport tasks. McDonald Brothers Transport purchased their first truck in 2000 and have since grown it to a fleet of 12 today. The business operates tippers, crates, flattops and dropdeck trailers. Read more

a disastrous start to 2022

A Disastrous Start to 2022

“We’ve seen a disastrous start to 2022, with the road toll in Queensland, on the Warrego Highway, and everywhere we have travelled this year,” said Athol Carter, Central Queensland Manager and Compliance Manager Fleet Operations, Frasers Livestock Transport, speaking from the floor at the Livestock and Rural Transporters of Queensland conference. “As operators, all of us in this room, we invest a lot of money and we have the latest and greatest technology, and we have all of the telematics, Seeing Machines and cameras. Read more

cars cause truck crashes

Cars Cause Truck Crashes 

The fact of the matter is, cars cause truck crashes most of the time, the stats tell us more than 80 per cent of multi-vehicle crashes are caused by the light vehicle driver. This is why the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is urging everyone in the heavy vehicle industry to share some simple safety messages with their mates, which could save lives.  Read more

is this the new normal?

Is This the New Normal?

As life begins to return to normal, the Livestock and Rural Transporter Association of Queensland held its annual conference on the Sunshine Coast, asking the question, is this the new normal? Read more

700 different transport businesses

700 Different Transport Businesses

The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association tells us it is comprised of six mature state associations, together representing around 700 different transport businesses. For most of the past 35 plus years we have focussed on the bigger picture. We have driven our own agenda.  Read more

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