now is the time to have your say

Now is the Time to Have Your Say

With the launch of a new microsite by the National Transport Commission, now is the time to have your say about reform of the Heavy Vehicle National Law. The new microsite is designed to be conduit for feedback from stakeholders to the NTC.

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review of the Heavy Vehicle National Law

Review of the Heavy Vehicle National Law

One of Paul Retter, the former National Transport Commission CEO’s big projects was the review of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and he discussed the implications of the results of that review coming up with a new and improved NHVL at the NatRoad Conference.

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PBS vehicles are more productive

PBS Vehicles are More Productive

It is a no brainer to say PBS vehicles are more productive than comparable conventionally designed vehicles, this is one of those facts which seems to get lost in the other arguments around the whole scheme. Overall, 7,000 vehicles have been approved.

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looking at fatigue in the real world

Fatigue in the Real World

It’s about time researchers started looking at fatigue in the real world. The whole subject has been one full of contention for a long time and some genuinely salient facts may help inform more rational debate. This is what the research at the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity is aimed at doing.

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has PBS delivered on its promise?

We Started Off With a Fantastic Idea

With Performance Based Standards we started off with a fantastic idea. We Australians are very good at great ideas. Then came the part where drilling down to the details created the basic tenets of the scheme and how it would work. 

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stepping down as NTC CEO

Stepping Down as NTC CEO

Paul Retter, who has been in charge at the National Transport Commission for the last five years has announced he will be stepping down as NTC CEO on September 28. He has steered the NTC through a period of transition, where its role has been modified as the regulatory and policy landscape around trucking has changed.

Before 2013, the NTC was the only national body in the government arena with which the trucking industry was able to deal on a regular basis about policies and regulations, both for now and in the future.

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Getting It Right

In the lead-up to the introduction of new Chain of Responsibility (CoR) obligations in July next year, the trucking industry needs to be sure it is getting it right. Diesel News runs through the basics, which operators need to be sure of going into operation on a daily basis. Read more

Progress on the Project

Diesel News is looking at progress on the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator project, which is destined to take a long time to reach fruition.

The trucking industry has had to wait a long time to see even the glimmer of a rational national regulatory system for heavy vehicles across the country. The many years of competing state legislation creating nightmares for interstate operators and filling the revenue coffers with unwarranted fines are, hopefully, now behind us. Read more