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Improved Targeting by Law Enforcement

This week the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator are promising improved targeting by law enforcement of compliance activities as a result of the National Compliance and Enforcement Policy, published earlier in the week.

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access legislation does not need reform

Detailed Changes to be Made

When looking at the Performance Based Standards scheme it is clear there are detailed changes to be made. Amendments to the scheme are needed just in terms of the time which has elapsed since the initial structure was laid out. Technical changes like the widespread adoption of stability systems along with EBS across many more trucks means some of the stability parameters called for in the standards can be met electronically and not physically by the design of the truck.

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PBS vehicles are more productive

PBS Vehicles are More Productive

It is a no brainer to say PBS vehicles are more productive than comparable conventionally designed vehicles, this is one of those facts which seems to get lost in the other arguments around the whole scheme. Overall, 7,000 vehicles have been approved.

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contentious issues for the operators

Contentious Issues for the Operators

One of the contentious issues for the operators of Performance Based Standards trucks has been tyre choice. As a result, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is looking for a rubber solution and is appointing independent road safety expert, Dr John de Pont, to lead a review of PBS tyre standards and operations.

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new NHVR Chair

New NHVR Chair

Former NSW Roads and Maritime Services Minister Duncan Gay has been appointed as the new NHVR Chair. The current Chair at the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Bruce Baird, is retiring next month.

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road assessment breakthrough

Road Assessment Breakthrough

The access issues which have dogged the Performance Based Standards scheme and permits for larger trucks or over size and over mass may see a road assessment breakthrough if a new joint initiative from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and the Australian Road Research Board proves effective.

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first outing for a B-quad

First Outing for a B-quad

An event in Forbes NSW will see the first outing for a B-quad, when the newly approved combination will be on demonstration as part of the Forbes Harvest Field Day and PBS Vehicle Demonstration. This will be a chance to see an array of the innovative combinations possible under the Performance Based Standards scheme.

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To Dob or Not to Dob, That is the Question

Reading the news about a confidential hotline where truck drivers and supply chain workers can call a hotline to report potential safety breaches left me in quandary, to dob or not to dob, that is the question. The announcement this week by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator sees a confidential 1800 number being set up for concerned people in the supply chain to raise concerns.

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information on upcoming heavy vehicle law changes

Information on Upcoming Heavy Vehicle Law Changes

As of today, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is publishing information on upcoming heavy vehicle law changes. These changes will becoming through as amendments to the National Heavy Vehicle Law and regulations. They will take effect as of July 1.

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