national fatigue blitz

National Fatigue Blitz

The latest nationally co-ordinated operation organised by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator was called Operation Wake Up and took the form of a national fatigue blitz during April. The idea was to get a picture of exactly what is going on out on the highway randomly checking as many drivers as possible at strategic points all over the country at roadside checks.

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how does fatigue technology work?

How Does Fatigue Technology Work?

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is wanting to speak to trucking operators as part of a project to answer the question, how does fatigue technology work? The ground-breaking study into fatigue monitoring technology is seeking expressions of interest from transport companies and manufacturers to take part in the independently-run safety project.

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top ten tips

Top Ten Tips

This is a great idea, well executed, presenting the top ten tips, for people driving around trucks to be aware of. The top ten list comes from a survey conducted by Rod Hannifey, the perennial trucking advocate.

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a bigger B-triple

A Bigger B-triple

At the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator PBS demonstration event in Portland this week a new groundbreaking combination hits the streets, it’s a bigger B-triple, a lot bigger at 42 metres long and with a GCM of 82.5 tonnes. The much increased length means this combination suits high cube loading and will be going into service with Direct Freight Express as soon as the demo day is over.

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Easy Access to Rego

Operators can save up to 15 minutes per vehicle with easy access to rego information, according to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. Finding real time registration information through the NHVR Portal Registration Module is meeting industry requests for additional Chain of Responsibility support.

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review of fatigue monitoring technology

Review of Fatigue Monitoring Technology

A consortium including Central Queensland University’s Appleton Institute and HGH Consulting has been awarded a National Heavy Vehicle Regulator contract to conduct a review of fatigue monitoring technology. There are a wide range of fatigue monitoring now on the market and conflicting reports can be found on many of them. This process is aimed at bringing some rigour to the assessment process Read more

cutting carbon in trucking

Dobbing on Fatigue Issues

On the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s Heavy Vehicle Confidential Reporting Line, the highest number of calls were from people dobbing on fatigue issues. The second most reported topic was business practices, followed by mechanical safety.

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Reforming Truck Accreditation Schemes

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and heavy vehicle industry will establish an accreditation working group to respond to a comprehensive report into reforming truck accreditation schemes. Options for reform of and analysis of Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Schemes in Australia were laid out by consultant Peter Medlock in a report published earlier this year.

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crossing the borderline

Improved Targeting by Law Enforcement

This week the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator are promising improved targeting by law enforcement of compliance activities as a result of the National Compliance and Enforcement Policy, published earlier in the week.

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access legislation does not need reform

Detailed Changes to be Made

When looking at the Performance Based Standards scheme it is clear there are detailed changes to be made. Amendments to the scheme are needed just in terms of the time which has elapsed since the initial structure was laid out. Technical changes like the widespread adoption of stability systems along with EBS across many more trucks means some of the stability parameters called for in the standards can be met electronically and not physically by the design of the truck.

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