engine remapping clamp down

Engine Remapping Clamp Down

The latest initiative from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator will be educating all road users on the environmental issues and safety issues as part of an engine remapping clamp down. Read more

Fatality Free Friday

Fatality Free Friday

In the lead up to Fatality Free Friday, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator is urging everyone to put in an extra effort to reduce the risk of accidents. Read more

a national health check for heavy vehicles

A National Health Check For Heavy Vehicles

In the coming two month the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator will launch the second National Roadworthiness Survey (NRS), a national health check for heavy vehicles, following on from the inaugural survey in 2016. Sal Petroccitto, NHVR CEO explains what is happening and how the results will be handled. Read more

NHVR is looking at the next chapter for PBS

NHVR is Looking at the Next Chapter for PBS 

The Performance Based Standards Scheme continues to go from strength to strength and now the NHVR is looking at the next chapter for PBS. In fact, it’s something Sal Petroccitto, National Heavy Vehicle Regulator CEO, says he and his team are incredibly proud of. Read more

better maintenance means better results

Better Maintenance Means Better Results

A new report from National Transport Insurance and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator has demonstrated what smart operators in the trucking industry have known for a long time, that better maintenance means better results. Hopefully, the publication of this report will lead to something the industry has been calling for, over many years, increased compliance attention on those who maintain trucks poorly. Read more

consignor prosecuted under CoR regulations

Consignor Prosecuted Under CoR Regulations

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has announced that there will be a consignor prosecuted under CoR regulations. The NHVR charged a Victorian company with serious safety offences after a truck toppled onto a pedestrian island crossing. Read more

effective and credible

Effective and Credible

If there is one thing the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator needs to be, and that’s effective and credible. Actually, that’s two things, but the two go together, and you can’t have one thing without the other. Read more

serious safety challenges

Serious Safety Challenges

According to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, fatigue and distraction are serious safety challenges for heavy vehicle drivers and operators. Read more

EWDs are like buses

EWDs Are Like Buses

On the evidence of a series of announcements in the last few weeks, it would seem that EWDs are like buses, you wait around for what seems like years for one to come along and then four come one after the other. This month another two electronic work diaries have popped their heads above the parapet and are due to be fully approved.  Read more