time to make the system work as one

Time to Make the System Work as One

Warren Clark, NatRoad CEO looks back at the history of problems caused by our federal system, states have always been at odds with the federal government and vice versa and says it’s time to make the system work as one.
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no pain, no gain

No Pain, No Gain

NatRoad CEO, Warren Clark, takes us back to our youth, where we probably first heard the term ‘no pain, no gain’ from a coach.
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HVNL debacle

HVNL Debacle

The Infrastructure and Transport Ministers Meeting asked Ken Kanofski to undertake stakeholder consultation on the Heavy Vehicle National Law (the HVNL debacle), after the proposed reforms were roundly rejected by the trucking industry. He was tasked with finding a way through the process, which would enable some form of consensus to prevail.
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potential government action

Potential Government Action

Labor Senator, Glenn Sterle, spoke at the NatRoad Conference held on the Gold Coast about potential government action over the next year or so. He represents Western Australia in the Senate and is also the Chair of the Senate Rural, Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee. He was a long distance truck driver, founding his own business operating road trains in regional Australia before being elected Senator for Western Australia in 2014. 
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the trucking industry runs on personal relations

The Trucking Industry Runs on Personal Relations

The effect of the Covid pandemic was to almost eliminate the face to face and person to person contact, unless it was absolutely necessary, but the trucking industry runs on personal relations between players in the industry. 
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