better focus on road safety needed

Reform of Casual Employment

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) has come out in support of the Government’s Industrial Relations Omnibus Bill, which it says is supported by the road transport industry, especially as it relates to reform of casual employment.  Read more

Glenn Sterle saying things are going to be done differently

Glenn Sterle Saying Things are Going to be Done Differently

The opening morning of the NatRoad Conference in Brisbane has seen Senator Glenn Sterle saying things are going to be done differently if the Labor Party gets the guernsey in May 18’s election. The Senator for Western Australia was one of the opening speakers at the event which is acting as a curtain raiser for the Brisbane Truck Show.

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charging trucks for mass, distance and location

Charging Trucks for Mass, Distance and Location

The trucking industry will need to be prepared for the introduction of government charging trucks for mass, distance and location, with a new fee coming in to replace the current vehicle registration and fuel duty charges.

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fatal crashes are down for trucks

Cut the Road Toll

The way to cut the road toll is to invest in research that helps the heavy vehicle industry to improve the fatality rate, says NatRoad in a call for the Government to act.

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end stamp duty on truck rego

End Stamp Duty on Truck Rego

NatRoad are calling for the government to end stamp duty on truck rego, after a recent report found it is has negative economic effect. The recent release of the Grattan Institute’s policy priorities research shows that stamp duty is a drag on the community and a bad tax from a transport business perspective, according to NatRoad.

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big players on board to build a trucking apprenticeship

Big Players on Board to Build a Trucking Apprenticeship


The announcement of a joint initiative, to be called ‘Future Ready’, sees some big players on board to build a trucking apprenticeship program. NatRoad, Paccar and the Paccar Dealer Network have teamed up to drive this scheme forward to improve the number and quality of the people joining the trucking industry.

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backbone of the trucking industry

Backbone of the Trucking Industry

Last weekend saw the NatRoad Conference take place, an event where the backbone of the trucking industry get to have their say and communicate directly with the powers that be about the world of trucking. This video is one of those which were shown between sessions and illustrates the kind of membership NatRoad attracts.

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fighting fatigue anomalies in the West

Fighting Fatigue Anomalies in the West

A combination of NatRoad, the Western Roads Federation and the Northern Territory Road Transport Association are working together fighting fatigue anomalies in the West. The three organisations have made a joint submission to the National Transport Commission (NTC) on two fatigue-related issues where the group reckon there is a lack of clarity in the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

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Getting With the Program

Promises, Promises, Promises

The trucking industry needs to make sure the latest infrastructure announcements aren’t just promises, promises, promises. The planned improvements are rational and will help trucking do its job into the future, but this is before the politicians have got fully involved. Read more