Are We Ready For the New Roller Brake Testing Rules?

Are We Ready For the New Roller Brake Testing Rules?

It’s been a long time coming, but are we ready for the new roller brake testing rules? The amended procedures and criteria around roller brake testing (RBT) of trucks is settled and the industry can move on. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator went through an exhaustive process to get the testing procedure right and consistent.  Read more

Road vs Rail in the Budget

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison seems to reckon it’s road vs rail in the Budget he handed down this week. Increased infrastructure spending was announced as part of Tuesday’s Budget and sees items from the rail freight industry’s wish list getting the green light at the same time as vital spending on new and improved rest areas for trucks get cut back.
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Top Industry Awards

Top Industry Awards

Among those winning top industry awards at the recent Trucking Australia 2018 event were Ross Fraser, Frances Ross and Boral Driver, Barry Fitzgerald.

NTIA Winners copy Read more

Getting With the Program

Listening to New Voices

This week some people in the trucking industry and even some from the regulators are listening to new voices on the subject of fatigue. The event in question is the Fatigue Hack-a-thon which is being held in parallel to the Australian Trucking Association’s annual Truck Australia conference, which is being held in Canberra this week. Read more

Trucking Industry Awards Nominations

Trucking Industry Awards Nominations

This week, the National Trucking Industry Awards nominations were made by the Australian Trucking Association. The awards are designed to recognise businesses and individuals who have gone above and beyond to improve their workplace and contribute to the trucking industry.

“The finalists for these awards have demonstrated exceptional dedication to the Australian trucking industry through their hard work and commitment,” said Geoff Crouch, ATA Chair. “These awards are a highlight of not only the Trucking Australia conference, but the whole year and I look forward to the announcement of the winners next month,” he said. Read more

Trucking Twitterverse Unchained

Trucking Twitterverse Unchained

This week Diesel News brings you the trucking Twitterverse unchained, with bulletins from around the country. We have the NSW Police and their charm offensive, making real progress, there’s a new truck show on the calendar and it doesn’t look like the West Gate Tunnel in Melbourne is going to happen any time soon.

The series of ‘Coffee with a Cop’ events being held at truck stops can be nothing but a good thing, taking the heat out of a relationship which can get a little fraught, between truckies and Traffic Police: Read more

Support EWDs With Reservations

Resistance to EWDs

In a show of resistance to EWDs, and in its submission to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, the Australian Trucking Association says it does not support the rollout of voluntary electronic work diaries as proposed. Read more

Ramping Up the Safety Agenda

Recent events have seen a number of people ramping up the safety agenda, but it shouldn’t need severe criticism from elsewhere to get us fired up. The trucking industry needs to stand together as a single unit on these kinds of issues and present a strong and practical front, backed up by good PR, there is no room for error.

It all started with the road crash statistics from last year. Although relatively low in number, the percentage jump in deaths from accidents involving trucks in NSW was something the anti-trucking  lobby could hang their arguments on. Read more

Highway Hero Honoured

There was another true highway hero honoured when the Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian Award was bestowed upon Darell Wilson, recognising his swift action to avoid a major accident on the M5 motorway.

Suez employee Darell was praised by the trucking community and general public earlier this year for his actions to avoid a bus full of school children pulling out in-front of his truck on one of Sydney’s busiest arterial roads in June, and has been presented with the Bridgestone Bandag Highway Guardian award.

Darell intentionally turned his semi-trailer towards a concrete barrier and jack-knifed in order to wash off speed and avoid the bus as it pulled out into oncoming traffic. Read more

View of the Future

Brendan Richards outlined his view of the future at the Trucking Australia conference in Darwin. For generations, the trucking industry has managed and embraced change, but what is catching us all by surprise is the increasing pace of that change.

“Globalisation is a significant issue in the way it reacts with the economy. By 2050, it’s expected China will be the world’s largest economy. By 2025, the Asia-Pacific region will make up something like 50 per cent of economic activity globally. There’s a huge shift in economic power coming towards the Asian region. Read more

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