bushfire assistance for the trucking industry

Bushfire Assistance for the Trucking Industry

As the fires continue to burn across several states, the government’s attention has turned to the subject of bushfire assistance for the trucking industry. In a teleconference between Michael McCormack, Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development and the Australian Trucking Association, as well as a number of other transport industry stakeholders, the feds showed they are taking a consultative approach to responding to the current bushfire crisis. Read more

effectiveness of reform

Effectiveness of Reform

This week has seen the release of the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report into National Transport Regulatory Reform, looking into the effectiveness of reform and where it should prioritise in the future.  Read more

trucking has friends in Parliament?

Trucking Has Friends in Parliament?

The answer to the question would have invariably been no, in the past, when enquiring as to whether trucking has friends in Parliament? However, that looks to be about to change after the formation of the Parliamentary Friends of Trucks, Trailers, Transport and Logistics (PFTTTL) this week. Read more

access legislation does not need reform

Access Legislation Does Not Need Reform

According to the Australian Trucking Association it is in broad agreement with views expressed at the National Transport Commission’s Brisbane workshop on access, that access legislation does not need reform. The problem lies in the way regulations are being enforced. Read more

increasing challenges for road freight

Increasing Challenges for Road Freight

The release of the 2019 Infrastructure Australia Audit, called ‘An Assessment of Australia’s Future Infrastructure Needs’ has identified increasing challenges for road freight, including agricultural, regional, urban and non-bulk freight as well as poor planning and congestion, and poor maintenance and limited capacity in regional areas.  Read more

Austroads ignoring informed advice

Austroads Ignoring Informed Advice

A research project by a government agency into heavy vehicle dimensions sees Austroads ignoring informed advice. The project has neglected to take into account the findings of the expert panel inquiry into national freight and supply chain priorities.

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