don’t forget the trucks

Don’t Forget The Trucks

The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association Executive Director, Mathew Munro tells the government, don’t forget the trucks. When the Federal Parliament forgets to protect the trucking sector, the ALRTA is there to remind them.  Read more

solving the effluent problem

Solving the Effluent Problem

There has been a lot of work put in to solving the effluent problem by developing roadside effluent disposal facilities where they are needed. There is also a code of practice being developed for the disposal of effluent from livestock trucks. Read more

a safety solution waiting, waiting and waiting

A Safety Solution Waiting, Waiting and Waiting

Here we see a supreme example of a safety solution waiting, waiting and waiting to get adopted, but the wheels of progress grind exceedingly slow. This video was made back in 2016, but this is still the only working example of such a system in Australia.  Read more

fundamental issues for livestock transport

Possible Live Sheep Export Ban

With speculation rife about a possible live sheep export ban, the Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association is calling on all of its members and interested parties to urgently write to their Federal Member of Parliament and other key decision makers to express their view about proposals to phase out live sheep exports.

According to the ALRTA, the continuation of live sheep exports is uncertain. The Federal Parliament is currently debating legislation that will either impose measures to improve the trade or phase it out entirely. There are two Bills before the House of Representatives and more will follow as the Government implements changes to the current live export rules.

Read more

Support EWDs With Reservations

Support EWDs, With Reservations

The Australian Livestock and Rural Transporters Association has said it will support EWDs, with reservations as it currently stands. The ALRTA has announced its National Council has resolved to support the roll out of voluntary electronic work diaries (EWD). Read more

Who Does What?

People outside or new to the trucking industry often ask why there are so many industry associations and who does what. The answer can often be quite complex and the history of trucking’s relationship with governments, both state and federal, needs to illustrate where they all came from. Read more

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