Talking Turkey About Trucking

Ending the old boys club

The trucking industry needs to get with the program and bring in fresh and diverse new blood in order to head into the future. The nature of the trucking industry is changing and society around the industry is also changing, fast. Read more

Moorebank gets the go ahead

The Commonwealth Government has announced its approval for Sydney Intermodal Terminal Alliance (SIMTA), a consortium of Qube and Aurizon to develop and operate the open access intermodal freight terminal at Moorebank in Sydney. Read more

Getting the infrastructure right

A report by Infrastructure Australia has met with some approval, but questions are being raised about what new infrastructure is needed and how to pay for it. The Australian Infrastructure Audit Report analyses how the population and economy is expected to grow between now and 2031 and outlines possible solutions. Read more

Infrastructure Charges, ITS Funding, Load Restraint Curtains and Operation Catapult

Threat to infrastructure improvement

The upcoming election in Victoria is creating uncertainty for the transport industry as a major infrastructure improvement in the city is under threat. Whether the new government will follow through with the planned East/West link is in the balance with polls unclear as to the probable result of November’s state election. Read more

Pallet wars

The Guidelines released by the Australian Logistics Council, about pooled equipment management, have been called into question by the Victorian Transport Association. Both organisations have long been involved with the issue of pallets and the systems used to hire and dehire them, as they move between different parts of the supply chain. Read more

Last mile reform sought

After the NSW Government asked the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) to look into reducing unnecessary regulatory burdens for business and the community, an initial report has been published. Read more

Freight on the move

Here’s a video extolling the importance of the freight industry to the Australian economy at the same time as publicising the work of the Australian Logistics Council. Some great points are made here about just how important freight is to our wellbeing. Read more

Where does trucking stand after the budget?

After many days of claims, counter-claims, disinformation and general information overload, the picture around future taxation and funding affecting the trucking industry has become clearer. The news appears to be good with no major changes feared by the industry coming to fruition, for now! Read more

Duncan Gay, Freight Minister

As a result of the reshuffle in the New South Wales cabinet caused by the shock resignation of Premier, Barry O’Farrell last week, Duncan Gay’s position vis-a-vis the freight industry has been reinforced. The former Minister for Roads in the O’Farrell government is now to be the Minister for Roads and Freight in the new Mike Baird government, as announced today. Read more

Talking Turkey About Trucking

Keeping up the pressure over NHVR

The shock resignation of the CEO of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator last week has further set back the prospects of a national regulator for the road transport industry. This is not a crisis but it could become one if the trucking industry doesn’t co-operate with and aid the fledgling regulator to get up and running. Read more

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