electric trucks are inevitable

Electric Trucks are Inevitable 

There is no need to keep your head in the sand, the fact of the matter is electric trucks are inevitable, around the world, and here in Australia. If they are inevitably going to become part of our lives then we need to understand them and work out how they can be used in the future Australian trucking industry. Read more

trucks vs caravans

Trucks vs Caravans

It’s that time of year again, as the Australian grey nomad migration begins it’s move from the North of the country towards the South, as it warms up through spring, bringing with it the the issues around trucks vs caravans, yet again.

Here’s a helpful fella trying to explain to caravaners how to allow a truck to safely get a past when they are travelling at less than 100km/h on the open road. The basic principles are simple and our helpful truckie is explaining exactly what to do in simple terms.

Wouldn’t it be great if this seasonal migration went off well without any hitches, without a caravan running off the road and rolling, without the sickening mess left after a caravan gets clipped by an oversized load, without fear and loathing on both sides.

Here’s a few examples:

The trouble is that there are two sides to this story and, in some instances, never the twain shall meet. There are elements in the caravanning community who hate trucks and truck drivers, who will not co-operate or be helpful and thoughtful in any way.

On the other side of the coin, there are also truckies who are willing to intimidate and bully caravan and camper vans and try to drive them off the road. This sort of attitude is helping no-one, just creating more truck-hating grey nomads.

The flash points are not just on the road, with the truck overtaking the caravan or camper van, where they are travelling slowly and are unwilling to help the truckie, who is on a deadline, to get past and get going.

There are also issues in the unnecessarily limited parking areas along our highways. Truckies need to park up by law to take mandatory fatigue breaks, finding truck dedicated parking bays filled with randomly parked caravans making it impossible to park up a multiple combination for a seven hour break.

So congratulations to this fine chap, who is trying to take the sting out of a fraught relationship.

trucks vs caravans

Western Star 47X joins the new X-Series range

Western Star 47X Joins the New X-Series Range

As the Western Star 47X joins the new X-Series range, both last year’s 49X and the new 47X from Western Star are headed for Australia in right-hand-drive in around a year, reckons PowerTorque’s US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess. He has been checking the new models out. Read more

hydrogen powered fuel cell Kenworths

Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell Kenworths

Recently the Port of Los Angeles unveiled a new batch of hydrogen powered fuel cell Kenworths and the opening of two hydrogen fuelling stations as part of its strategy to reduce emissions.  Read more

putting forward a Five Point Plan

Putting Forward a Five Point Plan

Here’s a short video from Warren Clark, NatRoad CEO, putting forward a Five Point Plan around border crossing. The trucking industry has to deal with a confusing and constantly changing set of different border crossing rules. Read more

smart Trailer Drone concept

Smart Trailer Drone Concept

Here is a video unveiled earlier this week showing the smart Trailer Drone concept, a hydrogen-powered container transportation system capable of operating fully autonomously. This was presented by Hyundai as part of its Hydrogen Wave event. Read more

a heavy duty hydrogen fuel cell electric truck

A Heavy Duty Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Truck

Less than a year ago, Hino Trucks in the US announced that it was building a heavy duty hydrogen fuel cell electric truck. This video shows the XL8 prototype powered by a hydrogen fuel cell electric drivetrain, now on show at the 2021 ACT Expo in Long Beach, California, USA. Read more

Growing a Serious Trucking Operation

Growing a Serious Trucking Operation

This video gives us a look inside the GTS, G1 trucking operation and allows Damian Matthews, Managing Director of the GTS Group, to tell us his story and talk about growing a serious trucking operation. Read more

Mack in black

Mack in Black

Spotted last week by PowerTorque on its way to the Mount Isa Rodeo was this Mack in black, which is part of a sponsorship deal between the truck maker and Driza-bone. This week PowerTorque got the opportunity to test drive the stunning truck in stunning Western Queensland to see how the truck performs in its natural environment. Read more

DAF is actively exploring and testing hydrogen

DAF is Actively Exploring and Testing Hydrogen 

While DAF is actively exploring and testing hydrogen combustion engines, it also believes it would be a huge mistake to throw away all the benefits of the combustion engine. There is a lot of speculation around the future of zero emission vehicles, but DAF Trucks are taking a practical approach looking at all of the possibilities open to it without backing winners at this point. Read more