new Kenworth medium duty range launched

New Kenworth Medium Duty Range Launched

The past week has seen a new Kenworth medium duty range launched in the US. The new trucks use the 2.1-metre cab which we have seen introduced in Australia, in the T610, T410 and T360 models. Read more

how far can you push a truck?

How Far Can You Push a Truck?

Attendees at the upcoming Brisbane Truck Show should be able to answer the question, how far can you push a truck? The truck push will be part of the South Bank Truck Festival, an event associated with BTS21. Read more

Is the Letter H for Hydrogen or For Hype?

There has been a lot of comment in various parts of the media, but for the trucking industry it can seem difficult to answer the question, is the letter H for hydrogen or for hype? The predicted future development of this alternative power source for trucks can vary dramatically, depending on who you ask.

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first production of electric trucks

First Production of Electric Trucks

Melbourne based company SEA Electric has commenced the first production of electric trucks at commercial volume levels in Australia, with the first of the vehicles currently on the SEA Electric production line in Melbourne. Read more

the poo carters of WA

The Poo Carters of WA

Here is a video talking about the life of the poo carters of WA, but also highlighting effort to increase the number of women working in the trucking industry. Read more

Ingenuity, Innovation and IWD

Here is a video which celebrated ingenuity, innovation and IWD (international Women’s Day) which is this week. In the video, a selection of technologies vital to life on the road for truck drivers are shown to have been invented by women. Read more

31 Years to Fulfil a Promise

It has taken 31 years to fulfil a promise made after the inquest into the Grafton Truck and Bus Crash, as is pointed out by this video made in 2019. The inquest into the deadly crash was presided over by Magistrate Kevin Waller and began on January 29, 1990. Police evidence, given by Senior Constable Bob Sawyer, put the blame for the crash squarely on the shoulders of the truck driver, David Hutchins, who had driven about 3600 km in the three days before the crash, well over the legally allowed driving hours. Read more

trucking with ADD and YouTube

Trucking with ADD and YouTube

The latest issue of PowerTorque features the amazing Daniel Louisy, who combines trucking with ADD and YouTube to run a successful aggregates transport operation, become a social media influencer, and channel his attention deficit disorder into entertainment.

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winding up for the Brisbane Truck Show

Winding Up For The Brisbane Truck Show

Trucking folk across Australia are winding up for the Brisbane Truck Show, after a long and depressing period during the pandemic, with a bit of luck, we can all meet up, talk trucks and trailers, plus everything else about our great industry again. Read more

fridges popping up all over Australia

Fridges Popping up All Over Australia

Anytime, anywhere on the highways of Australia you will see some easily recognisable fridges popping up all over Australia, those fridges are probably full of bananas and the plain white paintwork has the simple Blenners name on the side. Read more