the deafening Detroit classic

The Deafening Detroit Classic

Continuing PowerTorque’s tour of famous nostalgic engine notes of the Australia trucking industry, we now come to the deafening Detroit classic, the Detroit Diesel 12V71, which makes a sound which will set off plenty of nostalgic memories for the truck enthusiast.
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truck engine sound nostalgia

Truck Engine Sound Nostalgia

After the reaction to the V8 Mack video featured in last week’s PowerTorque, it is clear that truck engine sound nostalgia is going strong in Australian trucking circles.
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there's nothing like the sound of V8 Mack

There’s Nothing Quite Like the Sound of a V8

This may be an indulgent video of the week, but to many people in the Australian trucking industry, there’s nothing like the sound of V8 Mack under load and climbing a grade. So, here it is, a video made by our friends across the ditch Dave McCoid and Carl Kirkbeck, from NZ Trucking Media, who made this video as part of their series of retro truck drives in New Zealand.
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milk tankers: inside story

Milk Tankers: The Inside Story

We watch tankers around our highways every day and don’t take much notice, but those tankers are working hard to keep safe and in this video NTI’s Adam Gibson gives us the milk tankers: inside story.
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looking back at some trucking legends

Looking Back at Some Trucking Legends

Every year at the Australian Trucking Association conference, the Kenworth Legends lunch entertains us by looking back at some trucking legends who have been the backbone of the trucking industry for many years. Last week, at Trucking Australia 24, it was the turn of the Murada brothers to get their share of the limelight.
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video verification

Video Verification

Here’s a video posted up by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, for anyone who still hasn’t got the memo about roll stability control (RSC), here’s video verification of its effectiveness.
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learning about retardation

Learning About Retardation

One of the methods that truck drivers of the future will be able to alleviate their range anxiety in an electric truck is to use the electric motor to brake the vehicle when decelerating, all future truck drivers will be learning about retardation, but not about the jake brake.
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a turd-herder’s tale

A Turd-Herder’s Tale

Here is a video about the Western Australian livestock transport operation, Mitchell’s, it’s an example of what is the essence and the culture of rural-based transport, it demonstrate these are not corporate enterprises, they are communities, this is a turd-herder’s tale.
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test driving the Scania electric semi

Test Driving the Scania Electric Semi

PowerTorque’s European Correspondent, Will Shiers, has braved the severe winter cold and snowy terrain to bring us a story about test driving the Scania electric semi from Northern Norway across to Sweden.
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