Perth Truck Show


The Penrith Working Truck Show struts its best – Words by Warren Caves, Images by Torque it Up. The Penrith Working Truck Show, now in its 32nd year, continues to entice and encourage the trucking community with its exemplary display of vehicles from today and yesteryear. The annual event is an integral part of the Western Sydney trucking scene, providing ...

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Penrith Working Truck Show 2017 | TRUCK SHOW

In the days when it took weeks rather than days to get from Sydney or Melbourne to Perth, time moved at a more leisurely pace. Drivers were under a different pressure in those days to meet deadlines, often catching up alongside what passed for a road at the time to share a meal, or, if someone was having mechanical problems, ...

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The Show Circuit – Perth Truck Show

Perth more than justifies showing its wares to the industry In a country that suffers from dysfunctional government resulting in different regulations and legislation between states, it’s, frankly, not surprising that what works in the east will either not work in the west, or is not permitted, and vice versa. For starters, the geography of the country is different, the ...

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