a different spin on convergence

A Different Spin on Convergence

The integration of the Webfleet Solutions telematics brand and Bridgestone demonstrates a different spin on convergence in this field, a tyre maker integrating a telematics provider into its business. Read more

turning old tyres into hydrogen

Turning Old Tyres Into Hydrogen

Australian tyre recycler Green Distillation Technologies, reckons its technology for turning old tyres into hydrogen can commercially and economically turn end-of-life tyres (ELTs) into high value, oil, carbon and steel, plus it can now take the carbon raw material and turn it into hydrogen.

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a longer lasting steer tyre

A Longer Lasting Steer Tyre

Bridgestone has  released what it claims to be a longer lasting steer tyre with the launch of its next generation steer tyre, the R154. This is the first of several launches for Bridgestone commercial products over the next two years as the company renews its TBR range. Read more

wheel alignment benefits

Wheel Alignment Benefits

The cost of tyres and fuel are two major operating costs for a business, wheel alignment benefits help operators to avoid costly and in some cases unnecessary replacements due to incorrect wheel alignment. Read more