assessing shock absorbers for leaks

Assessing Shock Absorbers for Leaks

Repairers and spare parts distributors are sometimes asked to tackle the inspection task of assessing shock absorbers for leaks. On occasion, it is possible to assess and replace shock absorbers that are mistakenly diagnosed as leaking. Read more

Powerdown launches Enveero

Powerdown Launches Enveero

Australia’s first biodegradable, plant based, environmentally conscious, ultra-high performance shock absorber fluid is now available, as Powerdown launches Enveero. Read more

air springs inspection guide

Air Springs Inspection Guide

Air springs will last almost indefinitely in most applications as long as you follow an air springs inspection guide to ensure their longevity.  Read more

misting shocks are often misdiagnosed

Misting Shocks are Often Misdiagnosed

It is a fact that misting shocks are often misdiagnosed as failures, however this is a normal and necessary function, and there’s a bit of a debate among mechanics between misting and leaking shock absorbers requiring replacement during shock absorber inspections.  Read more

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