increasing convergence from Seeing Machines

Increasing Convergence from Seeing Machines

With the introduction of its new Embedded Product Strategy, there is now a strategy of increasing convergence from Seeing Machines. With artificial intelligence (AI) powered operator monitoring systems to improve transport safety, the new Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is taking the technology company to the next stage in its development. Read more

increasing convergence from Seeing Machines

Keeping an Eye on Eye Movements

For Hitrans the subject of fatigue monitoring has become a high priority and it is now keeping an eye on eye movements. As a large national fleet trucks criss-crossing the country in large numbers, the company has trialled and is now fitting Guardian by Seeing Machines systems in all of its trucks. Monitoring behaviour with face and eye tracking, algorithms measure the driver’s head position and eye closure and, when safety parameters are exceeded, audio alarms and powerful seat vibrations are immediately activated. Read more

how technology is fighting the battle against fatigue

How Technology is Fighting the Battle Against Fatigue

The cabin of a truck is one of the deadliest workplaces in Australia, with a report by the National Transport Insurance company finding that 53 truck drivers died in 2019, and truck driver deaths rose by 65 per cent from 2018, so it is important to look at how technology is fighting the battle against fatigue. A major contributor to these sobering numbers is fatigue. Read more

looking at a technical solution for fatigue

Looking at a Technical Solution for Fatigue

With the increasing emphasis on safety in the trucking industry, year on year and the intention becoming clear that fatigue monitoring will be included in future regulations, many operators will be looking at a technical solution for fatigue when developing a fatigue management strategy. Read more

getting smart about fatigue

Getting Smart About Fatigue

A number of operators are now getting smart about fatigue and using a new technology to manage the issue. Smart Cap measures fatigue to warn drivers and operators about potential issues. Read more