increasing productivity with SPECTS

Increasing Productivity with SPECTS 

Bedrock Quarry Products and Bulk Transport are increasing productivity with SPECTS, pioneering using Transport for NSW’s Safety, Productivity and Environment Construction Transport Scheme, known as SPECTS. The system has been devised to enable operators to be able to run new combinations without having to add the Intelligent Access Program to their trucks. Read more

how much information do you need?

How Much Information Do You Need?

Most modern dashboards are getting more and more sophisticated every year, but how much information do you need? The fact of the matter is that the old fashioned dashboard with analogue instruments for everything is fast becoming a thing of the past. Read more

new Executive Dashboard from Ctrack

New Executive Dashboard from Ctrack

The user interface for trucking fleets has got easier with the introduction of a new Executive Dashboard from Ctrack. The new dashboard is designed to deliver richer insights on fleet and driver performance.  Read more

running the trucks right

Running the Trucks Right

Mick Baker runs a small fleet of trucks out of small base in Dalby, 200km west of Brisbane, on the Darling Downs and insists on running the trucks right. Still driving himself, Mick comes from a farming background. His father grew up on the farm and has a farm with a couple of trucks. He spent his youth driving a Mack R600 around the paddock. Read more

type-approval for Airtec’s On-Board Mass

Type-Approval for Airtec’s On-Board Mass

The number of on-0board mass monitoring systems available to the industry has further increased after Transport Certification Australia has announced the type-approval for Airtec’s On-Board Mass (OBM) system.

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when it comes to telematics, integration is key

When it Comes to Telematics, Integration is Key

Managing a successful transport business is the ultimate juggling act and, when it comes to telematics, integration is key. With a fleet of vehicles going in and out of the home base throughout the day, keeping an eye on them is a fulltime job alone. You’re scheduling tasks, checking vehicles are up to code and ensuring drivers are taking the most efficient routes, taking breaks and being as safe as possible. Not to mention all the other aspects of running a business, such as staying on budget, liaising with customers and maintaining accurate paperwork.

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Location Charging Trial for a Rego Replacement

The government is signalling their intention to change the truck charging system with its location charging trial for a rego replacement. There has been a prolonged push by bureaucrats to change the nature of road charging from the current fuel tax and registration charging model to some form of mass/distance/location charge.

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EWDs Are Coming

The latest move by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator mean EWDs are coming. The minimum performance based standards for an Electronic Work Diary which the NHVR will pass as compliant have been released. Read more