EWDs are like buses

An EWD Finally Gets Up

Truck drivers in Australia will finally be able to replace their paper work diary with an electronic work diary, as an EWD finally gets up through the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s certification system. Read more

new freight data standard for Australia

The Convergence of All of the Data

As the amount of technology involved with every interaction in the supply chain continues to increase, the need for the convergence of all of the data into a useful tool for road transport businesses becomes even more important. This is the smart way for trucking businesses for the future. Read more

black boxes in the cabin

Black Boxes in the Cabin

Many fleets have specific needs to be met by whatever telematics or monitoring solution they are using and often each one of these equates to more black boxes in the cabin. However, data convergence is happening the trucking industry.  Read more

information technology for trucking applications

Information Technology for Trucking Applications

The ongoing advancement of information technology for trucking applications is providing an increasingly integrated solution where a large number of parameters relating to trailer operation and load integrity can be monitored remotely using a device or screen. Diesel looks at some examples of where this new data is being used.  Read more

a trailer telematics solution

A Trailer Telematics Solution

There are increasingly integrated solutions where a large number of parameters relating to trailer operation and load integrity can be monitored sees a trailer telematics solution being offered by braking specialist WABCO called TX-TrailerPulse.  Read more

computing power fitted into a truck

Computing Power Fitted into a Truck

The amount of computing power fitted into a truck as a matter of course has multiplied considerably in recent years. the amount of data flying around in a CANbus on a Euro6 truck is many times greater than that used in its Euro5 predecessor. Read more

becoming more connected

Becoming More Connected 

The trucking world is waking up to the powerful opportunities available to the industry in terms of becoming more connected, improving safety, productivity, planning and transparency. These are advantages which can be gained by the interconnectivity possible from systems communicating, in real time, across the truck, the operating base, the customer and with the surrounding infrastructure.

Read more

new navigation tools for truck drivers

New Navigation Tools for Truck Drivers

The announcement of an expanded partnership between HERE and EROAD, will lead to the launch new navigation tools for truck drivers. The partnership enables EROAD to bolster its focus on driver safety and productivity by partnering with HERE to enable truck-friendly routing and navigation in its solutions for trucking fleets.  Read more

increasing convergence from Seeing Machines

Increasing Convergence from Seeing Machines

With the introduction of its new Embedded Product Strategy, there is now a strategy of increasing convergence from Seeing Machines. With artificial intelligence (AI) powered operator monitoring systems to improve transport safety, the new Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is taking the technology company to the next stage in its development. Read more

release of a next generation telematics solution

Release of a Next Generation Telematics Solution

Teletrac Navman has announced the release of a next generation telematics solution, TN360. Powered by artificial intelligence, TN360 delivers telematics functionalities in real-time, providing businesses with simplified, smart, predictive and actionable insights. According to Teletrac Navman, this solution uses artificial intelligence to change the way we think about the mobile asset and fleet management market. Read more