practical cybersecurity needs policy protection

Practical Cybersecurity Needs Policy Protection

When talking about cybersecurity, there is logically significant focus on the technical side, but practical cybersecurity needs policy protection. When discussing standards and accreditations such as AES256, ISO 27001 or SOC2 Type II, these are important and part of what good solution providers should have, but there are other non-technical elements that are a necessary part of cybersecurity. Read more

the Geotab platform

The Geotab Platform

It is a new name in the Australian telematics market but, in fact, the Geotab platform has been around for over 15 years, and most of that time in Australia, but not under the corporate name. In the past, Geotab equipment was sold by a reseller in this market. The company has now decided to change tack and participate in the market as Geotab Read more

becoming more connected

Becoming More Connected 

The trucking world is waking up to the powerful opportunities available to the industry in terms of becoming more connected, improving safety, productivity, planning and transparency. These are advantages which can be gained by the interconnectivity possible from systems communicating, in real time, across the truck, the operating base, the customer and with the surrounding infrastructure.

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release of a next generation telematics solution

Release of a Next Generation Telematics Solution

Teletrac Navman has announced the release of a next generation telematics solution, TN360. Powered by artificial intelligence, TN360 delivers telematics functionalities in real-time, providing businesses with simplified, smart, predictive and actionable insights. According to Teletrac Navman, this solution uses artificial intelligence to change the way we think about the mobile asset and fleet management market. Read more

improving safety for our heavy vehicle drivers

Improving Safety For Our Heavy Vehicle Drivers

We tend to envisage truck drivers as endurance warriors, however, the reality is that they are subject to greater safety and health risks than any other occupation, but what can we do about Improving safety for our heavy vehicle drivers?
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how much information do you need?

How Much Information Do You Need?

Most modern dashboards are getting more and more sophisticated every year, but how much information do you need? The fact of the matter is that the old fashioned dashboard with analogue instruments for everything is fast becoming a thing of the past. Read more