stopping tyre fires in trucks

Stopping Tyre Fires in Trucks

The prevalence of wheel end and tyre fires in the statistics tells us this is an issue which should concern any trucking operator, and it is important to look at technology as a way of stopping tyre fires in trucks.  Read more

begin with driver behaviour as the first step

Begin With Driver Behaviour as the First Step

“When our customers want advice on how to improve safety in their company fleet, I always begin with driver behaviour as the first step, says Chris L’Ecluse, Customer Success Specialist, Teletrac Navman, as he explains why driver scorecards is the best safety and efficiency tool for your business. “While every driver is as different as your fingerprints, if we all became aware of our own behaviour on the road, we would come to realise that many of our habits could use some improvement from a safety perspective.” Read more

smart trucks, for smart trucking

Smart Trucks, for Smart Trucking

At the same time as telematics systems are getting better, so are individual components on a truck, but the truck systems are now becoming powerful enough to stand on their own as a trucking operator’s telematics system, making smart trucks, for smart trucking possible. Read more

a fourth-generation company

A Fourth-Generation Company

Beginning with a single horse and carriage over 120 years ago, Stows Waste Management has grown into a fourth-generation company leading in the collection and disposal of waste across multiple industries, including hospitality, industrial, domestic and commercial. Read more

leap forward in autonomous truck technology

Leap Forward in Autonomous Truck Technology

Valeo, the global leader in driving assistance systems (ADAS), has unveiled its third generation scanning LiDAR system which will enable a leap forward in autonomous truck technology. The next generation technology is set to make its market debut in 2024.

Read more

pioneer of digital camera ‘mirror’ systems

Pioneer of Digital Camera ‘Mirror’ Systems

In the US, where rear-facing cameras located high on each side of the cab display images on tall monitors located in the cab on the A pillars, Stoneridge is a pioneer of digital camera ‘mirror’ systems for heavy trucks, PowerTorque’s US Correspondent, Steve Sturgess, reports. Read more

convergence in the workshop

Convergence in the Workshop

A new paperless Workshop Information Online innovation is helping to speed up servicing and repairs, increasing convergence in the workshop. Read more

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