hydrogen is on its way

Hydrogen Is On Its Way

The search for alternative power for trucks in Australia is definitely on its way and the Australian Hydrogen Council points out that hydrogen is on its way, and in other parts of the world it is already a reality. Read more

the transition across to battery electric

The Transition Across to Battery Electric

SEA Electric, who have been at the leading edge of the transition across to battery electric, and have created a great deal of interest across the Pacific in the USA, where the whole subject of electric powertrains is much more advanced than here in Australia. Read more

a heavy duty hydrogen fuel cell electric truck

A Heavy Duty Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Truck

Less than a year ago, Hino Trucks in the US announced that it was building a heavy duty hydrogen fuel cell electric truck. This video shows the XL8 prototype powered by a hydrogen fuel cell electric drivetrain, now on show at the 2021 ACT Expo in Long Beach, California, USA. Read more

Australia’s hydrogen industry

Australia’s Hydrogen Industry 

National Energy Resources Australia has launched HyCapability, connecting Australia’s hydrogen industry to a global market. It is Australia’s first hydrogen capability platform. Read more

Australia’s hydrogen industry

An Introduction to Hydrogen

The Australian Hydrogen Council has provided PowerTorque with an introduction to hydrogen to clear up some of the misconceptions going around. Read more

are skateboards the future of trucking?

Are Skateboards the Future of Trucking?

A few releases this week have prompted PowerTorque to ask the question, are skateboards the future of trucking? This because two new skateboard concepts have been released, although the major manufacturers still seem set on developing complete trucks for the future. Read more

hydrogen momentum continues to grow

Hydrogen Momentum Continues to Grow

With the establishment of hydrogen technology clusters announced and to be situated in Gladstone and Toowoomba, hydrogen momentum continues to grow. One of the major uses for hydrogen as part of a zero emission policy is as a power source for transport. Read more

Is the Letter H for Hydrogen or For Hype?

There has been a lot of comment in various parts of the media, but for the trucking industry it can seem difficult to answer the question, is the letter H for hydrogen or for hype? The predicted future development of this alternative power source for trucks can vary dramatically, depending on who you ask.

Read more