Cummins is developing hydrogen combustion X15

Cummins is Developing Hydrogen Combustion X15 

As the world looks to new technology to meet emission reduction requirement, it has been announced that Cummins is developing hydrogen combustion X15 engines, as well as the smaller 6.7 litre medium duty engine as a hydrogen internal combustion engine (ICE). Read more

hydrogen is on its way

Hydrogen Is On Its Way

The search for alternative power for trucks in Australia is definitely on its way and the Australian Hydrogen Council points out that hydrogen is on its way, and in other parts of the world it is already a reality. Read more

down-speeding and the powertrain

Down-Speeding and the Powertrain

Engine development has been evolving in recent years and Tech Know looks at the effect of down-speeding and the powertrain, and how it significantly alters the engine torque curve. The rate at which a low emission engine reaches full-rated torque is much quicker, which places a much greater load on the drivetrain system.  Read more

keep hold of our higher status

Engine Remapping Clamp Down

The latest initiative from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator will be educating all road users on the environmental issues and safety issues as part of an engine remapping clamp down. Read more

Cummins Integrated Powertrain program

Cummins Integrated Powertrain Program 

Mike Fowler, Cummins’ On-Highway Engine Director, is the man charged with overseeing the Cummins Integrated Powertrain program to ensure optimum results are achieved for Cummins’ customers. His prowess as a multi-combination driver means he is often behind the wheel of test trucks wired with fuel consumption meters and other testing paraphernalia while running up and down the highways.

Read more

Smarter Drivelines

The trucking world now has a wide range of smarter drivelines available in a wide range of trucks on the Australian market. We are used to the Europeans coming up with cutting edge electronics and offering the latest and greatest. Read more

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