ensure the ideal clutch setup

Ensure The Ideal Clutch Setup

The following procedure outlines what adjustments and clearances must be set to ensure the ideal clutch setup, longevity, and avoid common costly mistakes. Read more

why hydrogen and why Australia?

Why Hydrogen, and Why Australia?

PowerTorque had the opportunity to sit in on a global discussion, hosted by Hyundai, with about 20 technical journalists and took the opportunity to ask the question, why hydrogen and why Australia? The management team driving the development of fuel cell technology in Hyundai talked about their plans and answered a wide variety of questions.

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will there be singing trucks?

Will There Be Singing Trucks?

After watching this video of an electric van delivering for Amazon in the US, the question has to be, will there be singing trucks? The vehicles function so quietly, they will have to make some sort of sound to warn others of their approach, so why not have them produce something musical? Read more

Linfox’s electric truck

Linfox’s Electric Truck

The first Volvo FL Electric in Australia will be fitted with an eight-pallet body and tailgate lift and will be Linfox’s electric truck, evaluated while undertaking metropolitan deliveries within BevChain, the road transport operation’s beverage logistics business.  Read more

100 per cent electric tipper

100 per cent Electric Tipper

The ACT Government has launched its first 100 per cent electric tipper truck, as part of its commitment to a zero emissions fleet by mid-2030. The ACT Government will use the electric truck for cleaning and maintenance tasks around the territory. Read more

the issue of hydrogen powered trucks

The Issue of Hydrogen Powered Trucks

Truck makers and energy providers have been reluctant for some time around the issue of hydrogen powered trucks. Here is a on report some new innovative Hyundai trucks from Martin Schatzmann, a commentator about the truck industry in Switzerland. Read more

holding back electric truck development

Holding Back Electric Truck Development

One of the ongoing issues which is holding back electric truck development is the battery technology available. This is a fast-moving field and new technology is appearing all of the time. This development is crucial, as the way to make them economically viable is for the batteries to be lighter and able to hold more charge, giving the electric trucks more range. Read more