if you want to break a truck

If You Want to Break a Truck

There’s a saying among the truck makers that if you want to break a truck, you send it to Australia. If we are to get serious about reducing emissions from the transport sector and doing it in a way that makes economic sense, we need to start trying to break some trucks.  Read more

Australia’s hydrogen industry

Australia’s Hydrogen Industry 

National Energy Resources Australia has launched HyCapability, connecting Australia’s hydrogen industry to a global market. It is Australia’s first hydrogen capability platform. Read more

what are the alternatives to diesel?

What are the Alternatives to Diesel?

One thing is for sure, there is no one technological solution which is going to solve all of the issues and look into the future when asking questions like, what are the alternatives to diesel? There is going to be a suite of solutions tailored to different tasks. Parameters like time, distance and mass are going to influence the kind of solution used to transport freight.

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fuel tax credits the easy way

Smaller Operators Can Now Save Time and Money

According to an announcement by the Australian Tax Office, smaller operators can now save time and money and calculate fuel tax credits the easy way. The ATO has released a simpler way to calculate fuel tax credits for diesel used in heavy vehicles.

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first hydrogen gas facility

First Hydrogen Gas Facility 

The NSW Government has approved the development of the State’s first hydrogen gas facility at Horsley Park, paving the way for more clean energy, more jobs and an $18 million boost to the local economy.

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