disc brake inspection guide

Disc Brake Inspection Guide

While certainly not new, air disc brakes are a quickly growing portion of the heavy vehicle braking systems, this is a disc brake inspection guide covering the basic principles.  Read more

living with AEB

Living with AEB

The trucking industry is going to have to learn about living with AEB, when it becomes a required system on trucks. The government is proposing to require autonomous emergency braking (AEB) to be fitted to all new model trucks by November 1 2020 and to be fitted on all new trucks sold in Australia by November 1 2022. The ADR in development will be based on the European UNECE 131 specifications. Read more

keeping it safe in brake operations

Keeping it Safe in Brake Operations

For what is such an essential part of a well-maintained and safe vehicle, it is vital to get it right when keeping it safe in brake operations. Bob Woodward, Chief Engineer, Australian Trucking Association, reckons there can often be confusion around brake systems, especially when it comes to mixing brake airlines and park brake operations.  Read more

putting a stop on poor braking performance

Putting a Stop on Poor Braking Performance

ABS anti-lock braking systems, auto-response braking electronics, high-tech carbon and ceramic brake system materials have all contributed to improved safety, putting a stop on poor braking performance in both passenger cars and heavy vehicles.The latest automotive braking systems have revolutionised the way vehicles stop. Read more

safety tech saves lives

Safety Tech Saves Lives

The Australian Trucking Association has long urged government to take immediate action on mandating advanced safety technologies for new trucks, like electronic braking, to reduce truck rollovers and improve safety outcomes, because safety tech saves lives. Read more

an ongoing issue in the trucking industry

An Ongoing Issue in the Trucking Industry

The disconnection between the type of braking systems available, globally, and the regulations in Australia which specify brake performance has been an ongoing issue in the trucking industry. The introduction of mandatory electronic braking systems (EBS) is having the effect of bringing the legislation up to date with the technology. Read more

getting ready for intelligent trailers

Getting Ready for Intelligent Trailers

The trucking industry is now in the process of getting ready for intelligent trailers as a result of the upcoming mandating of stability control systems on all new trailers. Wabco has been engaging with the industry to ensure that diesel workshops and road transport fleets are familiar with the latest developments, utilising its Intelligent Trailer Program (ITP).  Read more