Choosing the right bearing grease

Choosing the Right Wheel Bearing Grease

Choosing the right bearing grease lubricant for your trailer has never been more complicated. The range of lubricants now available makes choosing the right one for your application like solving an ever-growing puzzle.  Read more

down-speeding and the powertrain

Down-Speeding and the Powertrain

Engine development has been evolving in recent years and Tech Know looks at the effect of down-speeding and the powertrain, and how it significantly alters the engine torque curve. The rate at which a low emission engine reaches full-rated torque is much quicker, which places a much greater load on the drivetrain system.  Read more

wheel bearing inspection vital

Wheel Bearing Inspection Vital

Wheel bearings are the link between the wheels and the trailer, making regular wheel bearing inspection vital. Thorough cleaning and inspection of the bearings during service is essential for trouble-free operation, especially those with long service intervals such as Hendrickson HXL wheel ends. Read more

locking the differentials and improving traction

Locking the Differentials and Improving Traction

We all think we know how to cope in low traction situations, but how much do we really know how to go about locking the differentials and improving traction? The team at Meritor have come up with some straight forward guidance to avoid confusion. Read more

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