the new bible for inspectors

The New Bible For Inspectors

The latest release from the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, is coming into force next week, it’s the new bible for inspectors, the new edition of the National Heavy Vehicle Inspection Manual. Read more

from the workshop floor to the boardroom

From the Workshop Floor to the Boardroom

James Yerbury, owner of Robuk Engineeringhas been in the trailer building industry for almost 20 years, with extensive experience spanning the whole spectrum from the workshop floor to the boardroom. Formerly, he held prominent positions with several leading trailer manufacturers. Read more

hydrogen is on its way

Hydrogen Is On Its Way

The search for alternative power for trucks in Australia is definitely on its way and the Australian Hydrogen Council points out that hydrogen is on its way, and in other parts of the world it is already a reality. Read more

Endurant is a completely clean sheet AMT design

Endurant is a Completely Clean Sheet AMT Design

Both in terms of hardware and software perspective, Endurant is a completely clean sheet AMT design. Eaton here in Australia have been working with the 12 speed transmission here in Australia, where it is already being sold in the Kenworth range as the Paccar AMT. The XD is the next evolution from the current offering to a heavier transmission with more speeds to take its capabilities up into the heaviest tasks in Australia. Read more

down-speeding and the powertrain

Down-Speeding and the Powertrain

Engine development has been evolving in recent years and Tech Know looks at the effect of down-speeding and the powertrain, and how it significantly alters the engine torque curve. The rate at which a low emission engine reaches full-rated torque is much quicker, which places a much greater load on the drivetrain system.  Read more

trailer inspection after extended idle or flood

Trailer Inspection After Extended Idle or Flood

Here are some tips from Hendrickson on how to deal with trailers which have been through a flood or have sat for a long period, because a thorough trailer inspection after extended idle or flood is vital to retain durability.

Read more

major trucking technology event for Brisbane

Major Trucking Technology Event For Brisbane

On the eve of the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show there is set to be a major trucking technology event for Brisbane. The International Forum for Heavy Vehicle Transport and Technology will hold its HVTT-17 conference event in the city in May 2023. Read more

a steep learning curve for Graeme Weston

A Steep Learning Curve for Graeme Weston

It’s been a steep learning curve for Graeme Weston since he took the helm at transmission experts Eaton. Last year, Graeme Weston took up the role as the Eaton Vehicle Group Australia Leader and PowerTorque sat down with him to see how he is enjoying the role. Read more

assessing shock absorbers for leaks

Assessing Shock Absorbers for Leaks

Repairers and spare parts distributors are sometimes asked to tackle the inspection task of assessing shock absorbers for leaks. On occasion, it is possible to assess and replace shock absorbers that are mistakenly diagnosed as leaking. Read more