Car Carriers Face a Different Set of Challenges

car carriers face a different set of challenges

The business of hauling cars around the country is a highly specialised one, car carriers face a different set of challenges to those faced in other sectors of the industry. PowerTorque talks to one of the main car carrying operators in Australia, PrixCar.

Any operators working in the vehicle carrying sector have to be specialists. The issues around getting any vehicle safely and securely from A to B include the awkward size and shape of the load, the fact that the freight has to be driven on and off and getting personnel who understand the issues and can deliver the vehicles in pristine condition.

PowerTorque spoke to Goran Koviloski, Fleet Manager at PrixCar to find out some of the issues and the smart solutions the company has come up with to get the job done efficiently and safely.

car carriers face a different set of challenges
Goran Koviloski, Fleet Manager at PrixCar

The PrixCar business, with is distinctive Silver prime movers and black trailers provides a national vehicle moving service. The company has grown out of a combination of different operations, including the former Patrick car carrying unit, to become one entity, jointly owned by ‘K” Line, a major Japanese shipping company and Qube.

Dimensions and the use of space are paramount when putting together a car or truck carrier. Most of the vehicles in the fleet, around 150 or more of them, are designed to maximise capacity and make the most of the allowances within the regulations for trucks working in this sector of the market.

Goran has been fleet Manager at PrixCar for four and a half years and in car carrying for 20. He worked for the Patrick and Autocare operations, before they became part of the PrixCar operation. After serving his time as a mechanic he worked his up through the business driving trucks and developing his career into his current role. He works out the company’s head office based in Altona in Melbourne.

car carriers face a different set of challenges

PrixCar are the largest car carrier in Australia, with around 300 trucks out on the road. The car carrier has to have some very detailed specifications to cut the mustard. A large part of the fleet are semitrailers and all of the PrixCar owned prime movers are conventionals in order to be able to support a frame onto which on car can be loaded above the cab roof.

“We cover all vehicle logistics, so whatever vehicles come into a port, we distribute them interstate, line haul and locally,” says Goran. “It’s not uncommon for us to take a full load from Melbourne to Darwin, for example. We shift over a million cars a year.

“Two years ago, after covid hit, people stopped spending money on going overseas and decided to buy a new car. It’s gone bonkers for us. We have been inundated with work.”

car carriers face a different set of challenges

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