Capricorn Pulling for Trucking and Transport

helping auto repairers get a better deal

Since 1970, Capricorn have been helping auto repairers get a better deal, and in recent years the cooperative has turned their attention to assisting those in trucking and transport too. 


The Capricorn cooperative started as a group of 11 independent workshop owners who wanted to leverage their collective buying power to get a better deal on parts and other essential supplies. Today, the 20,000 strong membership contributes over two billion dollars in sales to auto suppliers annually, giving the group some serious muscle in the automotive repair industry. 

The system works by incentivising Capricorn Members to purchase from the cooperative’s network of Preferred Suppliers who include the biggest names in the industry. These incentives include reward points which Members can use to effectively discount their purchases. Members also benefit from the ease of consolidating all their bills into a single invoice and instant trade credit with all Preferred Suppliers who are part of Capricorn’s extensive network. Members also access a range of essential business services that they can use to help run and grow their businesses.

Those in trucking and transport stand to benefit greatly from the reward point program, as points are distributed in proportion to spend. And of course, with the higher costs of parts and supplies for trucks and buses, it’s easy for those in the commercial sector to see some quick results.

helping auto repairers get a better deal

James Smekel from Universal Bulk Transport is one such new Capricorn Member who is already receiving significant returns. 

“I’ve only been a Capricorn Member for around five months and I’ve already earned around $1,500 in reward points. I’m not spending any more than what I was before either. If anything, I’ve found my suppliers tend to give me even better prices now that I am a Capricorn Member.” James said 

That said, the real power of Capricorn is more than just the rewards returned. The Capricorn Trade Account gives Members instant trade credit with more than 2,500 suppliers to the industry, covering everything from air brakes and agricultural equipment to waste services and windscreens.

“We’re only a small company, but for us, our Capricorn Trade Account just makes it so much easier. When purchasing anything from a supplier, you just call them up, give them your Capricorn Number and it’s done. There’s no having to sort anything out. They just send you your order straight away and Capricorn takes care of the billing.” James said.

James also credited the ease of having all his expenses on the one consolidated bill as one of the main reasons he signed up:

“It’s all about having one account. It’s one account that wraps up thousands of accounts in one hit. And especially when you purchase from a lot of different businesses. We’re not just a bulk haulage business we’re a diesel mechanic as well, that is the other side of our company. With Capricorn we now have all our orders with all our different suppliers listed on the one bill. It’s saving us so much time and hassle at the end of the month,” James said.  

The more workshops join the Capricorn network, the more the power of the cooperative grows. So now is the time for any repair business to get involved and share in the benefits of membership. 

With no membership fees to pay and everything to gain, James described the decision to join as a ‘no brainer’.

“I’d definitely recommend joining Capricorn to any other trucking or diesel workshops. Why wouldn’t you want to get more back, just for doing your normal business.” James said.