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Call this trucking?

The reality for, just about, everyone in the trucking world, is the lack of facilities on the road and the cramped conditions living in a cabin. This is especially an issue when driving two-up, even the biggest cabs can feel small with two truckies living in them.


This US couple have found their answer. The lack of a length limit for trucks in North America means it is possible to build luxury accommodation onto the rear end of a prime mover. These guys have gone to the extreme of having a spacious living area with them at all times.


Smooth roads and roomy parking or unloading areas would be vital to make this truck practical. However, there are no more nights stuck in a parking bay with no facilities, proper cooking gear or a comfy lounge on which to watch TV. Is this like real trucking? Not as I recall it!


This is an Australian truck featured in the same series from Volvo:

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