Build it and They Will Come

build it and they will come

In the midst of unprecedented events that have beset the global economy, essential services such as trucking and Australia’s construction sector continue to operate, ensuring that things like freight and critical infrastructure remain up and running, build it and they will come. 

Reliable transport solutions are always in demand, therefore deliberations will undoubtedly include weighing the advantages of a fit-for-purpose, light-duty truck against that of a utility or van.

The key bang-for-buck considerations for most operators would be payload, drivability, towing capacity, manoeuvrability, efficiency and reliability – all areas where a light truck can comfortably exceed the capacities of a utility or van.

build it and they will come

Efficiency from all angles

The purchasing of a pre-bodied light-duty truck, exclusively designed for the application at hand and ready to work immediately, presents a compelling argument in both a practical and a monetary sense, build it and they will come. 

With pre-bodied truck models, time-consuming waits in the second-stop shop of custom body builders are eliminated.

The Isuzu Ready-to-Work (RTW) range possesses an added advantage in this area, offering a diverse range of pre-bodied trucks from light-duty Tippers to medium-duty Freightpacks, designed to bring immediate, versatile transport solutions to industries.

Isuzu’s RTW truck bodies are pre-built on the production line in Japan. They’re rugged, factory-backed builds, designed specifically for all manner of trade applications.

Adding to the upside of a pre-bodied truck is a reduction in the struggle to find skilled truck drivers, as many pre-bodied light truck models (4,500 kg GVM rating) are offered with the option to be driven straight out of the showroom on a regular car licence.

Be it a tipper, a bodied field service vehicle or a fully mobile workshop, pre-bodied trucks are already a no-brainer for many sectors, such as trade and construction.

The challenge: capacity, payload, convenience

The trade and construction industries all require transport solutions that can comfortably store full-length toolboxes and ladders, alongside all the other equipment needed for a full day’s work.

build it and they will come

A specified solution: NLR 45-150 SWB Traypack

The pre-bodied Isuzu NLR 45-150 Traypack with a short wheelbase presents a fit-for-purpose solution balancing payload and spatial requirements, easy manoeuvrability and efficiency.

The NLR Traypack features a GVM of 4,500 kg and a GCM of 8,000 kg, as well as 110 kW of power @ 2,800 rpm and 375 Nm of torque @ 1,600–2,800 rpm, making this light truck model arguably one of the best fit-for-purpose car-licence commercial vehicles on the market.

Enabling the NLR AMT Traypack’s payload capacity and power is Isuzu’s ultra-reliable 4-cylinder, 16-valve 4JJ1-TCS engine mated with Isuzu’s six-speed automated manual transmission.

These features are bundled in an intuitive pre-bodied format, which comprises a 3.15-metre heavy-duty aluminium tray, integrated load restraint anchor points, removable drop sides and rear tailgate.

Embodying the build it and they will come philosophy, these features combine to make the NLR AMT Traypack a powerful, versatile and comfortable workhorse capable of transporting all your crew, tools, materials and equipment to the worksite in one trip.

And safety isn’t taken lightly either. With the inclusion of safety features like driver and passenger airbags, Isuzu electronic stability control (IESC), anti-skid regulator (ASR), and anti-lock braking system (ABS), drivers and passengers can travel with genuine peace of mind.

build it and they will come

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