Bridgestone Ecopia rolling resistance tyre launched at Brisbane Truck Show

The all new Bridgestone Ecopia range of low rolling resistance truck tyres has been launched onto the Australian market –

Andrew Moffatt, Managing Director Bridgestone Australiaand it has the potential to save fleet operators hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel costs.

Bridgestone Australia has undertaken extensive in-fleet testing with some

of Australia’s leading transport companies with Ecopia showing significant total (fuel and tyre) cost savings.

Andrew Moffatt, Managing Director for Bridgestone Australia, said the new Bridgestone Ecopia represented “a huge advantage” for fleet operators.

“The savings we are talking about in terms of the fuel spend for major fleets are extremely significant,” Mr Moffatt said.

“For example, a fleet that spends $23 million on fuel and $2.3 million on tyres per year could save up to $1 million a year based on the total fuel and tyre cost of using Bridgestone Ecopia drive and trailer tyres.

“The benefits continue when the Ecopia casings are used with Bandag low rolling resistance retreads.

“When you combine these savings with the corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions, we believe it makes a compelling case for business across Australia,” Mr Moffatt said.

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