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Breaking the rules

The participants in this video break just about every rule in the book in this stunt video set in a stevedoring yard. Riding on the back of a moving vehicle, not staying within the correct zones, breaking the yard speed limit, the list goes on. Add to that a reckless fork lift driver not looking where they are going and breaking open a fire hydrant and you have a recipe for non-compliance. The one concession to safety concerns are a few people wearing hi-vis and the truck driver wearing a crash helmet.

This is a great stunt video from Freightliner and Mike Ryan but why do we always have these spectacular and dangerous videos from brands who espouse the whole safety culture? Think about Jean Claude Van Damme standing on a rear view mirror!

You would not see the big oil companies, like Shell, doing promos with exploding cars, they really take the safety message to the enth degree. Still, it does make an exciting video, at least they had steel toe-caps and hi-vis.

This latest video follows an earlier attempt, not so spectacular but equally suspect in terms of safety:

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