Brave New World

The future of road transport is becoming more and more about the development of electronics and wireless communication. Recent news items in the including the introduction of electronic work diaries and the planned trial of driverless cars in Adelaide. Listen to ARRB’s Gerard Waldron on the subject.

Now, it’s the turn of the trucking industry in Victoria to get involved in a trial of the Co-operative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has announced seven shortlisted vendors selected to progress with demonstrations under the new Victorian industry framework for trialling road freight ITS and associated technologies, announced by the Victorian Government back in February.

“The chance to participate in a world first in the C-ITS space attracted major local and international vendors, of which more than half of the 13 submissions presented will progress to the next stage,” said Chris Koniditsiotis , TCA CEO.

“Each of the shortlisted vendors proposed innovative C-ITS solutions that align with Victoria’s road freight priorities. TCA and VicRoads will progress on-the-ground deployments of successful applicants over the next 12 months.”

“The Industry Framework, which leverages the National Telematics Framework, is breaking new ground by facilitating the deployment of a collection of new technologies to test their effectiveness in a real-world environment, drawing upon VicRoads ITS infrastructure.”

The potential vendors who have been shortlisted include the Vehicle Monitoring Corporation, who plan to work with BOC, Cootes and Elgas. Transtech Driven are also on the list, as are Robert Bosch, who intend to work with AGL and the Toll Group. ARRB Group are working with Robert Bosch and the University of Melbourne. Also in contention are a number of European specialists in the field of C-ITS.

“The Framework also provides an opportunity to demonstrate these applications of technology during the ITSWorld Congress in Melbourne, of which TCA is the official demonstrations partner,” said Koniditsiotis. “Technical demonstrations and tours that showcase applications of the latest ITS technology will provide an opportunity for policy makers, practitioners, researchers and ITS providers to share information on social needs, opinions and technical developments.

“The Industry Framework is a leading example of how the road freight and logistics sector, the technology sector and government can work together for a common goal of enabling innovative proposals that improve public safety and efficiency outcomes.”

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