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Brand loyalty

Truck brands inspire a peculiar loyalty among those which work with them. Many truckies have a favourite brand and model, if asked. Some of those involved in designing and building them also feel the same way. Here is one of the Mack enthusiasts involved in the development on the Mack Titan talking with love for the bulldog brand.


Mack seems to be one of those brands which engenders the most affection. Historically, the B models were an integral part of the explosion in the trucking industry from the late fifties through to the early seventies. Many of the iconic trucking companies we know today started out with those early Mack trucks. The Mack was also the go to truck for road trains as they developed and grew in our remote areas.


One of the modern enthusiasts for the Mack brand is HHA’s Jon Kelly, although his fleet does include a lot of Kenworths. Here is the latest version of the Titan at work in Western Australia:


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