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International and IVECO make strong relationships that last the test of time.

The Eagle has well and truly landed as far as Edwards Transport in Tasmania is concerned.

As the owner and founder of the company, Dean Edwards has owned four International Eagles since 2005 with his most recent being a 9200 model that remains in the fleet today and has notched up an impressive 1.3 million kilometres.

“The only mechanical problem has been a replacement turbocharger at around the 1.2-million kilometre mark,” said Dean.

“All of the Eagles I’ve had over the years have been fantastic trucks and have been very reliable, so when International returned to Australia, I was keen to give this new one a go.”

Dean’s ProStar features the Cummins X15 engine rated at 410 kW (550 hp) and 2508 Nm of torque, coupled to an Eaton 18-speed manual. Most of the trucks in Dean’s seven-strong fleet are manuals, the exception being an IVECO Stralis.

“The drivers are comfortable with this drivetrain combination and are very familiar with it,” Dean explained. “If it’s working, why change?”

Based in Flowerdale in Northern Tasmania, the ProStar sleeper cab normally hauls single and B-double livestock crates all around the state, often picking up in the south of the state and delivering to Burnie where the trailers are uncoupled and then taken to the Melbourne with the roll-on/roll-off ferry service operated by Toll Logistics.

Aside from the livestock application, Edwards Transport also engages in a range of work including logging, fertiliser, machinery, oversize and fodder work, showing the adaptability that keeps Dean and his team extremely busy.

Dean said that the life for trucks in Tasmania is generally pretty tough given the state’s undulating topography.

“Coming out of the south of the state with a fully loaded B-double and heading north, you’re either on the throttle or on the Jake brake,” he said.

“It’s hard going, so you need a truck with plenty of power and torque and the ProStar is taking it all in its stride.

“I’ve got a few X15s in the fleet and the latest ProStar is returning around 2.1 km/litre running single trailers on livestock work. That’s quite a good figure,” said Dean.

There are major advantages when it comes to reduced wind resistance as a result of the more aerodynamic design of the Prostar when compared to the traditional square-cut frontal area of some of its competitors. The manufacturer claims the swept-back design, wrap-around windscreen and streamlined bumper and guards give the ProStar a wind-drag reduction of 10 percent compared with the alternative square-cut styling.

“Driver Brett says that the ProStar really cuts well through the wind and that it’s whisper quiet in the cabin, a good indication that the truck is slipping through the air nicely,” Dean said.

While a full sleeper-cab spec. truck was not essential, Dean said it always comes in handy.

“Most of the trucks in our fleet are sleeper cabs – it’s nice for the driver to have that extra space,” he explained.

“You also never know where you might get held-up and need to rest. Sometimes if we have a job in the south of the state, Brett might leave the night before and stop to sleep somewhere along the way, so that he can get a few hours’ head start on the next day’s work.”

It’s a time of change for International Trucks in the Australian market as the division now operates as a stand-alone entity without being controlled by Case New Holland. The new business model also includes a new managing director, with Australian Michael May taking over the reins from the start of 2020.

Michael May

Mr May joins IVECO after a 20-year career with Daimler Truck and Bus Australia Pacific where he most recently held the role of Director – Mercedes Benz Truck & Bus. Mr May replaces Bruce Healy, the previous managing director of the Australia and New Zealand operations of IVECO Trucks Australia Ltd who has been in that role since early 2018. Mr Healy has accepted the role of Brand Leader of New Holland Agriculture, a separate division of CNH Industrial.

With a background in engineering and after-sales and having been Dealer Principal of two Melbourne-based Daimler truck dealerships, Mr May brings extensive leadership and industry expertise to IVECO.

Another new addition to the executive line-up at the Dandenong head office is Damon Paull who joins the company in the role of National Marketing Manager.

With a marketing career honed through working in executive positions for Nissan and later HSV, Mr Paull is ideally qualified to take the IVECO Daily brand forwards in the light-commercial market, plus refocus the company’s attention on the advantages and opportunities for International and IVECO medium and heavy-duty trucks.

The breadth of the International and IVECO brands in the Australian market provide plenty of room for an expansion of each model line-up, especially at a time when International Navistar known to be considering the introduction of the newer LT models that have already replaced the ProStar in the North American market.

PowerTorque caught up with Troy Clarke, the Chairman, President and CEO of International Navistar during a recent visit to the North American Commercial Vehicle Show. Mr Clarke restated his intention to consider the benefits of introducing the LT range to the Australian market and was looking to increase the brand’s sales performance and market share.

This appointment of new executives at IVECO also enables PowerTorque to congratulate the company for the amazing success story of the ACCO, which first saw its release back in 1961.

Damon Paull

Initially developed from the International Mark 3 general service 4×4 vehicle and adapted for civilian use, the ACCO’s simple design and tough underpinnings saw widespread acceptance of the model which continues today.

The current shape ACCO was introduced in 1972 and was further developed on that platform culminating with the introduction of the Euro5 2014 model year variants.

Amazingly, through its lifetime, the ACCO has undergone over 4300 specification changes and 2020 sees the latest major development in the life cycle of the ACCO with the release of the Euro6 ACCO range.

Scheduled to begin production in the first quarter of 2020, the new Euro6 ACCO will continue to be manufactured in Australia having been developed specifically for Australia and New Zealand markets, to ensure it is fit for task.

The new models have undergone an extensive local development programme, with several evaluation vehicles currently in year-long trials with key waste and refuse industry customers, where they have performed exceptionally well according to feedback and performance benchmarking.

Initial models to be released are aimed at the vocational market, specifically for compactor and hook-lift bin applications which were a mainstay of the previous generation ACCO.

The new range introduces cleaner and more efficient Euro6 Cursor engines sourced from the FIAT Powertrain division, extending the engine and driveline commonality with the IVECO range and coupled to the Allison fully-automatic transmissions. On the safety front, vehicles will feature a raft of standard technology including adaptive cruise control, advanced emergency braking system, electronic braking system with brake assistance, electronic stability program and daytime running lamps.

Operators wanting even more safety can select from options such as a hydraulic retarder, a lane-departure warning system, driver-attention support, a tyre-pressure monitoring system and xenon headlamps.

The new ACCO is expected to further reduce total cost of ownership benefits, particularly in the area of fuel use. And, on selected Euro6 configurations, the payload mass remains in the same region as the outgoing Euro5 model – well within the industry benchmark of 10 tonne.

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