BPW developments cut trailer tare

BPW is set to launch a completely new trailer running gear system at the IAA Commercial Vehicles International Trade Fair at Hannover (Germany) in September this year.

Designed for use in the nine tonne on-road field, The ECO Air COMPACT trailer axle is suitable for both disc and drum brakes and consists of a newly developed air suspension in conjunction with new lightweight ECO Air composite tanks.

ECO Air COMPACT is mounted on a two-part cast member, the joints of which are screwed together diagonally for maximised integrity. The new maintenance-free asymmetrical steel-rubber bush is said to provide optimum track guidance which contributes to lower tyre wear and higher levels of operating comfort.

BPW says the new running gear also benefits vehicle manufacturers because of the reduced number of versions and lower assembly costs due to fewer components. The ECO Air COMPACT running gear comprises two connecting pieces, two suspension arms and three bellows brackets, providing greater flexibility and reduced storage costs. In addition, the new two-side axle lift is claimed to reduce assembly costs by 50 percent compared with previous BPW air suspensions.

The ECO Air composite tank is an integral component of the new running gear system. It is made of fibreglass reinforced plastic and is therefore completely corrosion-free. The high-quality composite material, which is treated in a patented production process, produces air tanks of considerably reduced weight compared to traditional steel tanks. In fact, BPW claims a weight saving of up to 60 percent with twin 60 litre air tanks. The air tanks are available in sizes ranging from 30 to 120 litres.










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