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Beating up Austrans

These two videos reinforce the point Diesel News has to return to again and again, the reputation of the trucking industry is not just besmirched by truckies doing the wrong thing. The general media also cause endless problems by exacerbating the negative and ignoring the positive aspects of stories. Here we have an example of the way a major TV channel will do a beat up on a story about the trucking industry.

Firstly, we have the actual interview with the Minister and the Deputy Commissioner responsible for Austrans talking to all of the media at the roadside.

Here is what is done to the interview by Channel Nine to up the ante and make the issue sexy for their viewers. Of course this kind of selective editing creates more fear and tension between truckies and car users by keeping them in the dark about the facts, but highlighting the worst excesses. No wonder people are unwilling to talk to the media!

Here are some of the actual facts about the results of the, national, Operation Austrans in Queensland:

The operation started at 12.01am May 12 and concluded at 11.59pm on June 8.

More than 12,500 heavy vehicles were inspected and officers issued 216 speeding infringement notices and 127 fines for driving without a seat belt.

794 fatigue related offences were detected, in these, a total of 280 drivers were found to have exceeded their work hours and failed to take a required rest break.

In 1,077 roadside drug tests, 20 drivers returned alleged positive readings. From 11,369 roadside breath tests, 11 drivers returned alleged positive readings.


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