Battery Electric Trucks Become Reality

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In this video, from Nikola trucks in the US, we get a feel for what the world will be like as battery electric trucks become reality. 

This California based containers haulage operation, TTSI, clearly have had some experience with a number of electric truck suppliers and now seem happy with the abilities of this Nikola truck. The company services the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, which will only allow low emission trucks to move freight in and out of the port. The intention is to move quite quickly to zero emission vehicle.

It wasn’t so long ago that the whole Nikola project looked like it would all go bang. US federal prosecutors charged Trevor Milton who was the founder and executive chairman of Nicola, with lying to investors. Apparently, the company’s share price has recovered from the tailspin which that news sent it into.

Now Nikola has a new CEO in place, Mark Russell, and the business, based in Phoenix, Arizona, seems to be growing in credibility and developing a cohesive customer base.

Its joint venture with Iveco has also survived the charges against the company’s founder. And preparation for production of Nikola trucks in Europe, based on the Iveco S Way, at the Iveco plant at Ulm in Germany is going ahead full steam.

It would appear that although the concept of both fuel cell electric and fully battery electric trucks may have taken some battering to its credibility, there is a element of inevitability to this technology’s adoption by the market, as no other viable alternatives seem to be making the kind of progress that these electric vehicle and fuel cell vehicle manufacturers are making.

Phoenix is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and seems to be becoming the Detroit of electric vehicles with many of the leading electric electric vehicle manufacturers moving their operations into the area.

This region is well situated to service the growing market for electric vehicles with a direct interstate highway link to Los Angeles, which is the countries biggest market for electric vehicles and it’s also close to the border with Mexico, where many of the components are made.

battery electric trucks become reality

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