BANDAG Launches the BDV for high-wearing urban applications | TRANSPORT NEWS

Bandag, the name synonymous with the tyre retreading business, has released an all-new retread pattern for use in urban fleets operating in refuse and waste collection as well as the metropolitan route bus sector.

“Route buses and refuse trucks are notorious for tyre wear and scrub, making them two of the biggest opportunities and challenges from a Bandag perspective,” said Bridgestone and Bandag’s General Manager of Retread Business, Greg Nielsen.

Bridgestone and Bandag have conducted real-world comparisons of the new BDV and the current BRM products on a number of urban fleets, across both the refuse truck and route bus market. These tests showed an improvement in wear life of between 10-30 per cent depending on the application and maintenance regime.

According to Mr Nielsen, the success of the BDV comes from the new tread design as well as the introduction of a new hard-wearing compound.

“BDV is a brand new pattern to be produced by Bandag Australia, but it also utilises a new compound for our market. The combination of this durable compound and the design of the BDV pattern has resulted in a robust product that we’re confident will hit the mark with operators,” Mr Nielsen added.

The BDV pattern design features an optimised rib to prevent irregular wear and increase the overall life of the tread. The strengthened shoulder ensures it can endure the punishment of corners and kerbs while the unique sipe design helps deliver good traction in all conditions.

The BDV tread is made at Bandag’s Wacol, Queensland plant. Production of a Bandag retread uses significantly less water and energy to produce compared to an equivalent new tyre, as well as 68 per cent less oil.

The Bridgestone owned Bandag operation retreads more than 400,000 truck, bus and trailer tyres each year through its company owned factories across Australia and New Zealand. Bandag products are also available from with a further 30 licenced locations within Bridgestone’s extensive commercial vehicle network.

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