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Backing your skills

We in Australia are very proud of our reversing skills with multiple trailers. Here is one driver squeezing a B-double into an awkward loading dock in a very crowded yard. He deserves respect for just giving it a go!


The wonders of modern cameras like the Go Pro mean we can all show everyone just how good we are at reversing our B-double. Here is an example of a very well produced backing video:


Now, we are not the only country to run road trains. This driver in Canada is really up against it. Reversing a double road train with two 53 foot trailers running on tandem axles with a very short drawbar on the dolly is a recipe for a combination which will get away from you very quickly. The driver in Toronto makes an excellent job of getting the trailers in position but it would have been good to see the job finished.


Here’s the reality for most of us. Taking plenty of bites at it, to get the trailers lined up in a yard not designed for B-doubles, but with enough room for mistakes.


The skill levels for B-double drivers are not universal and here’s an example of what can happen going into a difficult area without the requisite skill-set.


Here’s our Canadian driver again, filmed two years earlier. He is just getting used to handling the road train and is pleased to just get the two 53 foot trailers reversed across the yard, in a straight line, into a parking space.

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