Back to the Future For The Trucking Industry

back to the future for the trucking industry

With the Victorian Government announcing a seven day lock down and toilet rolls flying off the supermarket shelves, it’s going to be back to the future for the trucking industry again for the next few weeks. Truckies once again become part of an essential service and need to keep the country moving as the clamp down tries to put a lid on Covid infections.

At least this time around, we have all been there before and have a good idea of what the hurdles and obstructions to the free movement of goods between states is going to look like. Also, the state authorities which enforce the new rules have been there before, so, with a bit of luck, there won’t be the unnecessary delays experienced during the early state border closures last year.

Yet again, the unnecessary differences between the rules and regulations between each state are going to prove a severe headache for operators and driver working interstate. As a result of this lock down we can expect more calls for cross border coordination to be improved, to make vital interstate freight traffic less encumbered by different sets of rules. 

The following links may help clarify the situation and remember to keep checking these sites for rolling updates. Good luck out there.


If you are unsure about how to deal with this situation there are a series of free training courses on dealing with Covid-19 available here.

Victorian exposure sites

Victorian face mask rules

Victorian Testing Locations

New South Wales entry declaration form

Here are the requirements for entry into South Australia

The South Australian border entry form

Truck drivers entering Western Australia need to fill out this form

Queensland Freight Protocol

Queensland Border Pass