Back in a Big Crowd of Trucking Folk

back in a big crowd of trucking folk

Wandering around at the Brisbane Truck Show and wondering why it felt so good to be back in a big crowd of trucking folk, I realised that it’s a culture thing. The trucking industry is more than a profession, more than an industry sector, there’s a deeper connection there for those of us who have been involved in it for some time, this is the culture in which we live and which we enjoy.

As a meandered from stand to stand, chatting to people I knew and meeting with people I didn’t know, there were plenty of smiles on faces and I realised that most of the other visitors to the show were also feeling the same way about the whole thing.

It’s like coming home, it’s like coming back to someplace where you always feel comfortable and where people feel as strongly about meeting up in the same way that you do. Yes, we all complain about the problems in the trucking industry and some of the working conditions, our treatment by roadside enforcement and police, but, at the end of the day, we love it.

It felt like it had been so long since I had been in an atmosphere like that where the trucking industry was getting together and doing its thing. In fact, it has still only been two years between truck shows. A

However, it felt like a lot longer, the pandemic era seems to have drawn out time and made us feel like it has been going on forever. This made the chance to finally have a chat so much better.

Normally, in the intervening 24 months between the Brisbane events, we will have other opportunities to meet up with and chew the fat with fellow trucking tragics and catch up with all the gossip. All of those other opportunities to get together disappeared in March 2020 and are only slowly and intermittently coming back.

I hope that this unwelcome hiatus in meeting other members of the trucking community makes us think a little more about just what we have going on and just how useful it can be to work together as a community.

back in a big crowd of trucking folk