Authorities put skids under unsafe vehicle

A joint effort between SA Police and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) safety compliance officers has seen an unsafe, unregistered and uninsured vehicle removed from the roads.

The Port Augusta company’s vehicle had departed a loading depot laden with kegs of beer against the advice of site personnel concerned the truck and trailer were overloaded.

The driver was allegedly advised his vehicle was overweight but continued on his journey from Adelaide to Port Augusta.

These concerns were conveyed to both SA Police Heavy Vehicle Enforcement Group and DPTI, with both sending compliance teams to meet the truck. Using the Safe-T-Cam network, the driver’s location was tracked in real time, and the vehicle intercepted by police near Lochiel.

Both teams scrutinised the truck, including having it weighed in-situ. Both the truck and trailer were unregistered and the trailer was also found to be uninsured.

The vehicle weight was reportedly found to be double what it should have been and further inspection uncovered significant defects rendering the vehicle structurally unsound.

The vehicle was immediately grounded and defected.

Director of Transport Safety and Regulation, Trent Rusby, said the collaboration of all involved was crucial to getting this unsafe vehicle off the road.

“This response demonstrates just how important it is to have everyone working together and how safety is the highest priority for all in the industry,” he said. “Without those concerns being raised initially, this vehicle may not have been stopped and, in the condition it was, had it continued it would have posed a serious risk to all road users.”

SA Police also commended those who acted responsibly and notified authorities of their concerns.

Inspector Andrew Thiele, acting officer in charge, Traffic Support Branch, said it should serve as a warning that people are not prepared to tolerate truck drivers who blatantly flout the law. He warned that Police will continue to work with partner agencies to ensure rouge truck drivers are held accountable.

“We will take action at every opportunity to defect unroadworthy vehicles that put people’s lives at risk. SA Police and DPTI will continue to use their combined skills to focus on offenders who show little regard for the safety of other road users.” he said.


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