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Australian-made IVECO Stralis building on success

The design and performance of the new Stralis, released in Australia in May, have been enhanced by the inclusion of new safety, styling and drivetrain features. Certain models of the new Stralis incorporate some of the most advanced road safety technology. These are EBS with the Brake Assistant Function, Electronic Stability Program (ESP) which regulaIVECO-Release-Stralis Launch_1tes engine power and braking during a skid and the Advanced Emergency Braking System, while Daytime Running Lights will also be an option.

The interior of the new Stralis has also been redesigned. Improved ergonomics and comfort are the product of close cooperation between Dealers and customers. The external restyling of the cab has focused on improving vehicle aerodynamics and therefore fuel efficiency. Among many new features, the cabin now has a central grille, redesigned “air deflectors” and a new bumper dam design.

Already renowned for its fuel efficiency and its ability to meet the demands of driver convenience and comfort, the latest Stralis is one of the most versatile trucks produced by IVECO. Offering maximum flexibility and versatility, and with a Gross Combination Mass (GCM) ranging from 36 to 90 tonnes, the Stralis has been designed to be used in a variety of applications including single trailer, prime mover, tanker, car transport and refrigerated transport.

The IVECO Cursor engine—fitted as standard to all Stralis trucks—delivers power, high torque values and remarkable fuel economy. The standard transmission for the range is the ZF EuroTronic II automated gearbox, which comes in a 12 or 16 speed configuration. Both options use electronically controlled clutch engagement to automatically select the appropriate gearshift according to load, road speed and road incline. The transmission delivers optimum performance, advanced drivability and superior fuel economy. The intelligent and adaptive controls allow the driver to focus on the road ahead.

The Stralis comes with three cab variations, Active Day (AD) for short haul metropolitan jobs; Active Time (AT) for medium to long haul jobs, and the flagship of the Stralis cab range, the Active Space Long (AS-L) designed for long haul jobs. All Stralis cab types include an ISRI 3-way adjustable air suspended seat and fully adjustable steering column. Safe and easy driver access is assured with the inclusion of wide opening doors, anti-skid steps and ergonomic grab handles. There are multiple storage compartments and the vehicle controls are within easy reach.

The Stralis is a truly international vehicle, and continues to be produced to the highest standards of manufacturing quality. The AD, AT and AS-L models are made at the IVECO Trucks Australia manufacturing facility in Dandenong, Victoria while the ATi range is manufactured in and fully imported from Madrid, Spain. All versions are now available in Australia through the IVECO Trucks Australia Dealer Network.

The latest Australian Stralis is part of an award winning range with the European Stralis being awarded ‘International Truck of the Year’ for 2013 at the Hanover Truck Show.

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